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If you are happy with the services offered by Uber, and order rides frequently, you should consider joining Uber Rewards. This way, you’ll get access to special perks and an enhanced customer experience.

What is Uber Rewards?

Uber Rewards is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points as they use one of the best delivery apps out there in 2020. When the users of Uber accumulate enough points, they reach specific status levels, which allow them to make use of the benefits, receive rewards and help keep the cost of Uber down. Depending on the type of ride, for each dollar you spend on Uber services you’ll get a different number of Uber Points.

  • You get 1 point for every dollar spent if you choose UberPool, ExpressPool or Uber Eats
  • You get 2 points for every dollar spent if you choose UberX, UberXL, or WAV
  • You get 3 points for every dollar spent if you choose UberBlack

Apart from the perks that you’ll receive for different status levels, for every 500 points earned, $5 will be transferred to your account. The spending cycle of Uber Rewards lasts 6 months. If you reach a certain status level in the current spending cycle, it will still be active in the next 6-month cycle.

How to Earn Points on rides and Uber Eats

Uber Rewards program is not available everywhere. If you want to check whether you can join Uber Rewards, login into your Uber app, select the “Menu” icon and choose “Uber Rewards”. At the bottom of the screen, you will see “Join for free”. After you’ve clicked that, you’ll be presented with the Uber Rewards Terms and Conditions. If you tap on “Accept”, you’ll become a member of Uber Rewards.

Okay, and now what? If the Uber Rewards loyalty program is active in your area and you have successfully gone through the previous steps, all that you have to do now is to spend money on Uber services. It’s best not to focus on points and only check how many you’ve earned from time to time. This way, one day, you’ll be surprised by how many points you’ve accumulated, and you will have access to a variety of perks for the special members.

Okay, so what are the benefits of different status levels?