HyreCar Approved Offers

New Revenue Steams.

Diversify Your Income.

Maximum Earning Potential.

Instead of delivering other people or take out food, you can start shopping and delivering groceries!

Choose your personal path

Be your own boss or develop a career as an employee. The choice is always yours. 

Make someone's day, every day. From household families to the elderly, your efforts will be appreciated.  

Earn Up To $25/Hour With Instacart

Be a hero 

Get paid to shop

Drivers get a FREE tablet with games for your passengers, along with a free data plan and auto-updates. 

Higher tips and ratings

Drivers who use Play Octopus report increased tips and ratings. There are over 10,000 drivers using this free entertainment in their cars. Earn up to $100/mo. for driving activity and passenger gameplay.

Get access to an exclusive Octopus driver community to meet other drivers and share information and win giveaways, prizes and bonus points.

Earn Up To $100/Mo. With Play Octopus

Join the community

Free in-car entertainment

Order and install a FREE Cargo box in your car to begin earning extra cash on every ride.

Increased earnings

Get better earnings, tips, and ratings by handing out great products to your passengers straight from your car.

Join over 20,000 rideshare drivers who already use Cargo and receive weekly earnings directly into your bank account. 

Earn over $300/Month With Cargo



Set your own schedule and receive instant deposits.

No more fees

No fees or commitments. Take home 100% of what you earn.

You don't need a 4-door car to start earning. Get started by making deliveries with bikes, mopeds, and 2-door cars!

Earn Up To $22/Hour With Postmates

Limited vehicle requirements


Drivers are earning up to $22/hour by shopping and delivering groceries to Shipt-only members. 

Achieve goals

Pay off debt, start a part-time job, or simply earn extra cash. Shipt can help. 

Get tips from other shoppers, attend launch parties, and get a free Shipt membership.

Get Paid $22/Hour To Shop With Shipt

Join the community

Deliver to members

Set your own schedule and work as little or as long as you would like. DoorDash helps you meet your short-term and long-term financial goals.

Dash anywhere

You can dash in your home town or even in a city that you are temporarily visiting. DoorDash is available in over 4,000 cities across the U.S.

Never worry about the potential of an unruly passenger. It's just you, your music, and the road.

Earn Another $20/Hour As A Dasher


Choose your hours