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Many people love working with rideshare and package delivery apps as one of their side hustles. The main reason for that is the flexibility and freedom the nature of the work provides. Working with their own vehicle, setting their scheduled shifts, and being their own boss.

However, some people don’t like the idea of sharing their vehicles with other passengers. If that’s the case, the Amazon Flex Program might be the best option for you. To find out if this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, here is everything you need to know about the Amazon Flex App.

What Is Amazon Flex?

Amazon holds one of the biggest shares in the e-commerce industry, and it is no surprise they need all the help they could get to fulfill all their delivery needs. That’s where the Amazon Flex app comes in.

Many people are still not familiar with Amazon Flex. However, it is one of the most profitable gigs in the business. This is one of the best alternative side hustles if you’re involved in the driving, ridesharing, and delivery sectors.

Amazon Flex is a branch of Amazon’s delivery program that provides independent contractors with various tasks. Things such as fulfilling their delivery process or returning uncompleted packages to their warehouse are part of Amazon flex drivers’ responsibilities.

This platform has a massive similarity to popular package delivery apps such as DoorDash or Postmates. In this case, instead of food and beverages from local stores, flex drivers handle Amazon packages coming from their fulfillment centers.

Amazon Flex

The Amazon Flex App

This is where all the magic happens. The Amazon flex driver app is the primary platform of Amazon’s delivery partners program. Flex drivers use this to manage and complete deliveries. It is also their gateway for looking at their potential earnings and other account-related information.

However, not all smartphones are compatible with the Amazon Flex app. Here are the things you have to consider.

iOS Devices

iphone being charged on the desk


iPhone 5s and above models running on iOS 11 supported the Amazon Flex app in the past years. However, the recent updates within the platform significantly increased its requirements, and you need to have a smartphone running on at least iOS 13.0.

Any iPhone 6s or newer can be used without any issues within the platform when it comes to the device. Once you got an Apple device that fills the requirement, then you’re good to go.

Android Devices

Amazon has specific Android smartphone requirements for its app. Here’s a quick Flex app guide for Android users.

  • Amazon requires their Flex drivers to have an Android phone running on Android 6.0 or higher.
  • The minimum RAM required for Android smartphones is at least 2GB or higher.
  • The phone’s camera must have a working flash.
  • GPS Location Services is also required.

The Amazon Flex app needs specific battery setting changes to work properly for phones like Oppo and Xiaomi Redmi devices.

Oppo Devices

  • Look for the battery in the settings menu.
  • Search for the Amazon Flex app.
  • Disable the option for Freeze when in the background and Automatically optimize when an abnormality is detected.

Xiaomi Redmi Devices

  • Look for the battery in the settings menu.
  • Tap Manage app battery usage and click Choose App.
  • Look for Amazon Mobile Delivery.
  • Select No Restriction and Allow Access.

Amazon Flex app is currently not listed in Google Play Store. Instead, you can download the app using your phone’s browser. Also, there were instances where app glitches happened in the past. If you encounter any issues with the app, it might be best to contact amazon flex support.

Amazon Flex Driver Requirements

Amazon Flex drivers have lots of perks for joining their fleet. The flexible shifts mean you’ll have complete freedom on when and how long you want to work. Drivers also receive payments relatively higher than typical delivery service apps in the market.

Because of that, many drivers want to join the Amazon Flex program. Here are the primary qualifications for applying.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Have your social security number ready.
  • Proof of auto insurance is necessary.
  • Fulfill and pass a background check. Any records or excessive driving violations may lead to disqualification in the application process. Remember that the whole background screening process may take two to five days.

Most delivery companies require applicants to have at least one year of driving experience with a valid driver’s license. On the other hand, Amazon Flex applicants can apply for the post even if they don’t have extensive license history. This is perfect for new drivers who want driving experience under their belt.

Like any application process, you must satisfy all the said requirements to start doing Flex deliveries.

Vehicle Requirements


delivery truck driving with parcels driving down the street


Aside from background checks and essential documents, you also need access to a qualifying vehicle. Usually, the kind of vehicle all depends on the type of service you deliver.

As you are delivering packages, it means your vehicle should have plenty of room. Two-door cars are usually not qualified since it might not have enough space to fit all packages. A midsized four-door sedan might be your best bet for a qualifying vehicle. Another viable option is a pick-up truck with a covered bed.

A minivan or anything more significant is also a great vehicle of choice for a delivery driver. It offers extra spaces for packages than most trucks with a covered bed.

On the other hand, Prime Now and Amazon Fresh deliveries don’t have restrictions on the size or number of doors your vehicle has so long as the customer’s orders are safe. Still, it is recommended to go through the specific qualifying requirements during your Amazon Flex application and see any additional restrictions or qualifiers unique to your area.

Amazon Flex Driver Sign Up

Amazon Flex delivery application is a straightforward process. However, it can only be done in the Amazon Flex app. You can download the app from the Amazon Flex website.

Sign Up Process

The Amazon flex app shows available cities that accept new drivers. Major cities around the country such as Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are all listed there. The platform is available in over 50 cities in the U.S, and that list is gradually growing over time. If the platform is not actively recruiting in your city, that won’t be a problem. You can still proceed with your account, sign up and join their waitlist for their delivery partners.

Provide your primary details such as name, address, contact number, social security number, and license. The Flex app will also ask a few qualifying questions about your vehicle type and availability. Get your tax information and bank account information ready as well. They are necessary for your pay, which will be paid via direct deposit.

Lastly, you’ll have to finish a series of training videos, usually around five minutes in length. These training videos are necessary for doing basic stuff such as app navigation, package handling, delivery drop-offs, and basic troubleshooting guides. Prepare for a series of short quizzes that pop up after several videos.

After Signing Up

The sign-up process ends with a background check that usually takes between two to five business days. After that, lookout for a message from Amazon regarding your application. If your information requires additional details, you’ll get an appropriate checklist of necessary items. Otherwise, you can now start locking in the Amazon Flex delivery blocks within your vicinity.

Amazon Flex Delivery Types

Amazon Flex drivers deliver packages coming from other Amazon branches. Here are some of the most common delivery types Amazon drivers get in their delivery blocks.

Amazon Locker

Flex drivers usually deliver packages to special electronic Amazon lockers. This type of delivery might be the most convenient for most drivers. They need to scan the package through their app, and the associated door opens up. Once the package is secured, they close the locker and mark the transaction complete.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime deliveries are always considered time-sensitive. That’s why delivery drivers take extra care whenever they get a delivery block associated with Amazon Prime.

Prime Now

Similar to Amazon Prime deliveries, Prime Now is extremely time-sensitive to transactions. Most deliveries from Prime Now come in bags instead of boxes.

Merchant Pickups

Most delivery drivers pick up packages from Amazon pick-up stations. However, there are instances where they need to pick up the item directly from a retailer.

Amazon Flex Delivery Block and Driving Shift

After completing the sign-up process and passing the screening, the Flex app presents new options for you. You can now use the platform and get your first delivery blocks with these.

The Offers and Calendar menus provide you the ability to lock in your scheduled shifts. It also allows you to pick a particular date and time for your deliveries.

The Offers tab houses some of the most exciting features for making more money. The system automatically provides you with Reserved Offers based on your availability. You have the option to accept or deny the request, but make sure to keep in mind the deadline so you can lock it in.

Drop-in shifts are also available in the Flex app. These Next Day offers are in high demand, so regularly checking the platform means you wouldn’t miss any potential earnings on your part. You can even lock in two-hour delivery blocks schedules if available.

As soon as your shift starts, the Flex app notifies you with all the details about your delivery shifts. It automatically provides information about the pick-up hub and even coordinates with the warehouse workers. You’ll also know the type of delivery you’ll get.

Pickup Process and Completing Deliveries


courier with a package in his hand in front of the door of the house


The Flex app will start its magic around an hour before your shift begins. It will show your starting location as well as your pick-up station. Once you’re in the pick-up station, swipe “I’ve Arrived,” and your shift starts.

Once you’re in the package pick-up area, an Amazon employee will walk you through several procedures, such as scanning your arrival code and assisting you with your packages. Another scan is necessary, but this time it is for your items. This will give you detailed information about the recipient’s name, address, and navigation plans for your journey.

The package goes to a final scan when you’re in the delivery location. This will show any relevant delivery instructions and gate codes. Finishing a delivery may require you to get a picture of the package if no one accepts it. If an authorized person is present to receive the items, getting a signature will be proof of your delivery. For unsuccessful deliveries, you’ll need to return the packages to the pick-up station.

The overall pick and delivery process are as follows:

  • Make your way to the pick-up station.
  • Scan package individually and load it in your vehicle.
  • Use the Flex app to navigate your way through each delivery station.
  • Verify using the Flex app if there are any specific delivery instructions from the customer.
  • Any issues during a delivery attempt such as gate codes or undeliverable packages, contact support for further instructions.
  • Scan successfully delivered items.
  • Uncompleted packages should be sent back to the pick-up station.
  • End your shift session using the Flex app after fulfilling deliveries under your scheduled blocks.

Earning money through the Amazon Flex app might be worth the effort with the process laid out.

Amazon Flex

Is Amazon Flex Better Than Others?

This is the question most people like to get an answer to. When it comes to earning potential, Amazon Flex offers more money per hour than any other delivery app in the market. The only catch is their delivery blocks’ frequency, availability, and consistency. With stiff competition among Flex drivers, locking in shifts will be challenging.

Unlike most ridesharing and delivery apps, Amazon Flex doesn’t have the option to freely hop on the service anytime and turn it off if they don’t want to work anymore. Because of that, the platform might be perfect for a side hustle rather than a full-time gig.

Amazon Flex

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?


money in hands presented like a fan

Base Pay

Amazon offers a generous amount of money for its drivers for every delivery. An individual may get anywhere between $18 to $25 per hour. On good days when tips are raining, that figure can bump up to $45!

On top of that, delivery blocks usually range from one to four hours. In some cases, it can even last up to six hours. The longer the block shift drivers get, the more money goes into their account.


Amazon Flex offers fewer promotions on its platform compared to other delivery services. However, they make it up with their higher base earning scheme.

Amazon Flex App Navigation Guide

The Amazon Flex app may look intimidating initially, but it is easy and user-friendly. The interface is the same for both Android and iOS devices. Here’s a quick rundown of the option and features of the Amazon Flex app.


The home screen greets you every time you sign in to the app. It houses all relevant options and displays the necessary scheduled block in the delivery driver’s bucket. They can also see their upcoming scheduled blocks in this section. Flex drivers may also change their availability status on this screen.


The Offers section provides detail on any available on-demand blocks and reserve blocks. From this section, delivery drivers may see different block types from Amazon Fresh, Prime Now, and other Amazon services.

Drivers get push notifications every time blocks become available. From there, they can either accept or decline the scheduled blocks. If you’re interested in joining the Amazon Flex program, you’ll have to keep it in mind when new blocks appear in the app. Many newer drivers fish for a more suitable block based on their schedule. They do this by hitting the refresh button and the blocks on the screen. This practice may lead to accidentally accepting a schedule by mistake.


The Calendar section provides the Flex driver with a quick overview of whether they have an open schedule or not. A grayed-out day means unavailable, while a day with an orange dot signifies an active scheduled block. Once they click on the orange dot, related information about the scheduled date shows up. Drivers get a “Forfeit Block” option as well. However, they need to cancel the block at least 45 minutes before their start time, or they’ll get a penalty. Multiple infractions might lead to termination from the program.


The Earnings screen gives the driver details about their completed Amazon Flex deliveries and the associated blocks. This section shows how much they’ll earn from their completed scheduled blocks and their potential payout from any upcoming scheduled blocks.

Amazon pays its drivers every Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday’s payout is from completed blocks from Friday until Tuesday. While Tuesday through Thursday goes towards Friday’s payout. Each payout offers a specific breakdown of the completed block pay and driver’s earnings.


The account tab holds information about the Flex app account holder. This section contains details such as an address, bank account, contact number, and everything account-related. This tab houses the “Check for Updates” option. Take a look at this portion from time to time to ensure the app is up to date.

There may be instances when a Flex driver needs to log out from the app. This tab holds the option for you to sign out.


The video materials are all available in this section for review during the Amazon Flex sign-up process. That means this portion doubles up as a refresher course.


The help section within the Amazon Flex app provides interesting FAQs about potential issues and topics drivers may come across during their deliveries. The Contact Us screen is also located in the help tab. It acts as the driver’s gateway for submitting issues to their support team.


Many people underutilize the feedback option. However, app developers wouldn’t know everything first-hand users of the app may experience within the app.

This option connects every Amazon Flex drivers’ opinion about the platform. It is also an excellent avenue for suggestions and improving the overall service.

Amazon Flex app looks different depending on the driver’s status. Let’s talk about what the app looks like when navigation is open.

In-Navigation Interface

Every time a driver starts a delivery block, the Flex app opens its navigation screen. Flex drivers have the freedom not to use navigation when fulfilling a delivery. However, the integrated GPS will still track your location regardless.

Delivery drivers manually enter their delivery destinations using 3rd party navigation systems such as Waze or Google Maps. Switching over two apps may consume their precious time, so most Flex drivers simply use the integrated navigation in the Flex app.

The upper right-hand corner of the screen houses various options about the driver’s delivery attempt. They can contact the customer through this option and call support of inquiry. Returns and Unable to Deliver functions are also located in this section.

Current Stop

Current Stop offers relevant information about the following address lined up by the system. The screen also shows potential travel time to the next delivery station. The app will provide alternative routes but always suggest the fastest one available.

The Flex app gives a prompt saying, “You Have Arrived,” at the bottom of the screen once the delivery driver arrives at the destination. The customer’s details and delivery requests screen will also become available. The driver can mark the delivery complete after scanning the item within the area near the pinned delivery station.

Amazon Flex Sanctions

The Amazon Flex platform is pretty lenient with its drivers. However, there are instances where the system deactivates several drivers for various reasons. Here are some of the most common culprits.

  • Inactivity – Drivers without any activities and don’t get delivery blocks for 180 days
  • Undelivered packages – Drivers must return undelivered packages to the Amazon warehouse right before the shift ends. Failure to do this on multiple occasions may result in termination.
  • Late deliveries
  • Too many times late for shifts
  • Bad Customer Service – Too many customer complaints.
  • Stealing and other serious offenses.

Conclusion: Is Amazon Flex Perfect for You?

This is the million-dollar question. Let’s look at some of the facts why it might be good for you. Amazon Flex is a solid choice for on-demand app jobs. It pays well compared to Uber or other competitors. On top of that, you’ll already have an insight into how much you’ll earn right after you lock in your blocks.

Flex drivers don’t deal with tons of customer service. In comparison, other ridesharing and delivery apps will put you in a situation where you interact more with customers.

While it may not be as lucrative enough to be considered your primary occupation, Flex is an excellent choice for a side hustle during your downtime.