Rent a Car for Rideshare, Delivery, and More.

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Youseff Kayal | Driver

"HyreCar is the most convenient way to rent a car and drive for rideshare. I've tried the other options and all of them are either crazy expensive or take forever to get a car. I wanted a car now and HyreCar got me one."

Joey Pomerenke | Fleet Owner

"HyreCar has been vital in growing our mobility business. The supply and quality of drivers have been great. We are happy we chose to partner with HyreCar to help us accelerate growth in the mobility space."

Rent a Car for Uber or any Delivery Service


Rideshare insurance provided

Every rental is provided commercial insurance in your name.

Gig rentals on your terms

Choose how long you want to rent for and extend your rental at any time.



Drive with any gig

HyreCar rentals give you the flexibility to work with multiple services at the same time.


Link rentals to your gig profile  

We provide everything you need to seamlessly connect your rental with any rideshare or delivery platform.


Become an autopreneur by turning your car into a revenue generating asset.

List your car within minutes

Set your own rates

Keep your cars safe with our protection plans

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