Put your car to work while you

Share your electric vehicle on HyreCar whenever you’re not using it and earn up to $720 per month!

Why list an EV with HyreCar?

For HyreCar owners, sharing their EVs helps offset the cost of car ownership and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional vehicles.

EVs can offer the safety and convenience that drivers crave.

More and more HyreCar drivers are looking to rent EVs on our platform and you are in a perfect position to benefit from that.

Hassle-free maintenance

EVs are simple. With fewer moving parts, they avoid most of the maintenance costs of traditional cars. 

Brake wear is significantly reduced due to regenerative braking and there are fewer fluids, such as engine oil, that require regular maintenance.

When you add up the savings on maintenance with the lower cost of electricity over gas, EVs can be up to one-third cheaper on a cost-per-mile basis.


Level 2

Level 3

Level 1

Most common charging option, which provides power at 240v and is a great option for many EV owners. Most public chargers provide Level 2 charging.

Quickest option for EV charging. DC Fast Chargers will typically fill a battery from empty to 80 percent in half an hour. 

Uses a standard 120-volt home wall outlet, but this will likely take more than 24 hours to fully recharge your vehicle.

For more information on EVs and charging, please check out our Electric Vehicle FAQ page

What HyreCar offers

24/7 Customer support

Vetted drivers

Fast claims processing

We make it fast and easy to contact us whenever you need to. 

HyreCar runs thorough background checks on all drivers prior to them becoming eligible to rent your cars.

Partnered with Sedgwick to  allow our vehicle partners to enjoy an expedited claims process.

Here's how it works

Create your listing for free


It's free and easy to create a listing on HyreCar. Describe your EV, set the price and mileage limits, and add nice photos. 

Our marketplace experts can recommend competitive pricing, but what you charge is always up to you. 

Meet the driver

When a driver books your EV, you’ll be able to review the request and accept the booking. 

Decide where you'd like to meet and hand off the keys. 

Make sure the car is clean, and do a quick walk around with the driver. 

Confirm the pick up on our app and you're all set. 


Relax and earn


HyreCar's secure payment system means you always get paid on time via direct deposit. 

Just enter in your personal or business ACH information and watch the money roll in. 

Drivers are charged upfront, and you are paid automatically after pick up and whenever they extend their rental. 

You’ll earn 75% – 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose.

We've got you covered

Physical damage protection

Choose from a range of protection plans, each with a different level of coverage from HyreCar in the unlikely event your car is damaged, stolen, or vandalized during a rental. 

The choice is yours - opt in for a premium protection offering or take home more cash with the basic plan.

Learn more about our protection plans.


Insurance Provider

Claims Adjuster

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What would you do with an extra $720 a month?

Did you know the average car costs over $8,100 per year? You can make up to $720 a month renting yours on HyreCar.

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