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HyreCar vehicle owners have the freedom to choose from a variety of protection plans for each of their vehicles while they are rented on our platform. 

$1MM in liability coverage

Safety is our number one priority. That's why we offer minimum liability coverage as required by state law and excess liability coverage up to $1MM in the event that the Owner is determined to be legally liable for an accident.

Flexible protection plans

We get it, accidents happen. Choose a top tier Protection Plan for extra peace of mind, or go lighter for more of the revenue pie.

Convenient benefits

All Protection Plans come with benefits like varying levels of reimbursements for refueling and cleaning expenses that may come up during your rentals. 

See what other car owners are saying

I love the flexibility that HyreCar offers when it comes to protection plans. They make it so easy for me to rent out my Toyota Corolla knowing I will be covered.

William, Newport Beach

My renter got into a minor accident so I reported the damage right away. Luckily, HyreCar's Damage Claims team helped me with the claim and reassured that I would be covered.

Guillermo, Atlanta

Select a protection plan that makes sense for you

Each plan comes with physical damage protection up to $50K for each rented vehicle (less your elected deductible), along with minimum liability coverage as required by state law and excess liability up to $1M. 

What if my car gets damaged?

If your vehicle gets damaged during a rental, please notify HyreCar and provide post-rental photos within 24 hours of the time the rental ended. Our policies require vehicle owners to take photos before and after each rental to document the vehicle’s condition. You should also gather as many details as possible prior to reporting the accident

A representative will be assigned to your case and will guide you through the claims process. On average, damage claim cases take 2 to 8 weeks to process and reach a settlement. In that time, the Driver's account will be blocked and access to booking will cease until the completion and payment of a claim.

Vehicle Owners will be responsible for the deductible amount in their elected Protection Plan. HyreCar's Damage Claims team will reimburse the rest of the repair costs for eligible physical damage.

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