HyreCar is going green.

Let's work together on the road to zero emissions.

The road ahead is getting greener

HyreCar is striving to help drivers like you lead the way toward a greener future. By partnering with electric vehicle (EV) suppliers around the nation, you will have a new way to get around and earn cash with your gigs. 

Why should yougo electric?

Fuel savings

We know that gas can get expensive, especially if you drive full-time. EVs enjoy reduced costs with the price of electricity compared to gas-fueled gars. Less money spent on gas means more earnings in your pocket.

New incentives

Drivers of fully electric cars are eligible for special incentives with rideshare and delivery gigs. For example, Uber is offering an extra $1 on every trip up to $4,000 annually. You can also earn an extra $0.50 per Uber Green trip!

EV Technology

EV technology makes for a great ride for both you and your passengers. Most drivers who switch to an EV say they experience quieter, smoother rides.

Reduced emissions

Driving an EV helps reduce emissions and lower air pollution, which makes your community a healthier place for everyone.

Upgrading to an Electric Vehicle

Find the perfect EV with HyreCar to suit your driving needs

Daily Rentals

From $35/day

Includes insurance, registration, and inspection

Weekly Rentals

From $285/week

Includes insurance, registration, and inspection

Monthly Rentals

From $1,100/month

Includes insurance, registration, and inspection

What to look for in an EV


Charging Speed


A typical driver working with gig services can expect to cover 100-130 miles in a day. The “range” or distance an EV can cover before needing to recharge is given in miles, and largely determined by the size of its battery. So a 40kWh battery can average around 140 miles per charge, whereas a 62kWh battery can average around 220 miles per charge.

The rate an EV can take in electricity from a charger is measured in kilowatts (kW). A typical 50kW charger can recharge a 40kWh battery up to 80% in 45 minutes, whereas a 150kW charger would take just 20 minutes.

Compare the costs of each EV for your budget, but do remember that some owners offer discounts on certain vehicle types as well as longer-term rentals.

For more helpful information on EVs, please check out our Electric Vehicle FAQ page.

How to get started

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Download theHyreCar app

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