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This week (June 5-7), HyreCar Chief Business Development Officer, Mike Furnari, will be attending TU-Automotive in Detroit, Michigan. With over 150 speakers and 3000 attendees, this event is the world’s largest conference for connected & autonomous cars.

TU-Automotive (formerly Telematics Update) is known as the the reference point and communications hub for the continuously changing automotive technology segment. It converges with consumer electronics, mobility and autonomous use-cases.

Industry experts from around the world will be attending the event to showcase their expertise in the evolving automotive technology market as telematics, connected car, mobility and autonomous cars converge.

The conference plans to bring together automakers, research labs, software companies, start-ups, VCs, and key decision makers in the connected car and autonomous vehicle market.

Click here for more info: https://automotive.knect365.com/tu-auto-detroit/