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Ridesharing companies have significantly improved their offers since the services first started to appear. Right now, Lyft is one of the ridesharing industry leaders, and, just like its competition, implements various solutions to make traveling easier for you. Whether you change your mind during a ride and want to go to another destination, you wish to share the car with your friends and add multiple stops, or make a round trip, Lyft allows you to adjust your ride to your needs.

In this article, you will find all the answers concerning multiple stops/destinations, and round trip features offered by Lyft.

How to Add Multiple Stops to Your Lyft Trip/Request Multiple Destinations?

Whether you want to drop off another person, pick up some food on your way to the party, or run another urgent errand, Lyft enables you to take full control of your ride, plan the route and add a stop during your journey. However, with Lyft, you can add only one more stop. Plus, you need to remember to keep in under 10 minutes to respect the time of your Lyft driver; otherwise, you may be asked to get another ride.

Adding Multiple Stops to Lyft Trip