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Delivery apps were yet another response to the increasing need for on-demand services. Thanks to them, customers had their comfort improved and gained access to new things; business owners now have a chance to attract a broader audience and serve more clients without expanding their brick-and-mortar space; finally, people looking for side jobs and fast ways to earn more money have another chance to do so.

But if you take your smartphone and go to the Apple or Google Play store, you will see an abundance of delivery apps available these days. What should you choose?

Postmates vs DoorDash – many people find themselves in front of this dilemma sooner than later, whether they are customers looking for a fast way to get food or drivers seeking a side hustle.

But we come to the rescue; in this article, you will find a detailed comparison of these two popular delivery apps, and we hope it will make your decision a little easier.

Postmates vs DoorDash at First Glance

DoorDash was founded in 2013 and has been offering food delivery services in thousands of cities all over the USA ever since. A customer needs only their DoorDash app to place an order, which needs to be accepted by a nearby Dasher to be fulfilled. A dasher is a person who picks up the order from a restaurant and delivers it to the customer.


Postmates, on the other hand, was started in 2011, and it is something more than one of the food delivery apps. In 2020, Uber purchased Postmates to be part of its Uber Eats platform. Now both apps are combined into one, making it a seamless experience for the drivers and consumers. They market their services as ‘delivering anything, anytime, anywhere,’ so in this case, it is not only food from restaurants, but also groceries or other items you may currently need.

Postmates and DoorDash Availability


Both Postmates and DoorDash are available in most of the US major cities, as well as in their suburbs. However, when it comes to smaller areas, DoorDash is much more widely available. To access either service, you need to download an app from Apple or Google Play store.

Luckily for those looking for ways to earn money, delivery service companies don’t have any special requirements for their couriers. Both hire people who:

  • are at least 18-years-old,
  • have a phone to install the courier app,
  • have a background check (including criminal),
  • a valid driver’s license,
  • social security number (if working in the USA),
  • access to an insured vehicle (a car, a scooter, or, in some cities, also a bike).

Apart from that, Postmates/Uber Eats will require you to pass a DMV background check.

Advantages & Ease of Use

Advantages & Ease of Use

If you want to start driving for either of these companies, the application process is pretty straightforward – you simply apply through either website and complete a background check. When you’re accepted, you will receive an activation packet, and all there’s left for you to do is download an app to start delivering.

  • Deliveries

If you’re a driver, you need to log into either app where you will see a map with available orders. Postmates and Uber Eats will show you all propositions along with additional offers, while with DoorDash, you will see orders with guaranteed pays. All you need to do is accept an order. If you don’t take any, it will affect your driver ratings in DoorDash.

  • Working Hours

DoorDash offers you to schedule your working hours in advance; then, you will only receive offers during that time. If you don’t do it, you can still open the app and go to the ‘Dash Now’ option that lights up red and pink spots in the area – these colors refer to the highest deliveries demand.


Postmates and Uber Eats really do operate 24/7, so it doesn’t impose any time restrictions on its drivers or customers, which is a huge advantage. Of course, making deliveries in the middle of the night won’t be as profitable as during lunch hours, but it still is a way to earn some additional money.

  • Apps

Regardless of whether you’re a customer or a driver, if you choose either a DoorDash and Postmates app, you won’t have any problems with ordering and your delivery. Both have a straightforward, intuitive interface that makes it almost impossible to get confused. They all are very similar as well.

Delivery Fees & Costs

If you want to be a driver, the most significant spendings to take into account would be the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance (which can increase, considering you will be using it constantly). The exact amount is hard to estimate, as it depends on your specific car, driving style, daily routes, a place you live in, weather conditions, and more.

Also, since you will be working as an independent contractor, you will be the one responsible for your taxes. Both DoorDash and Postmates will send you a 1099-MISC form if you make $600 or more during the year, but even if you earn less, you need to report it.

When you are a customer, fees will vary depending on a restaurant, but you will see them before you pay. Apart from the cost of food, each order includes a tax and a delivery fee (depending on your location); a tip is optional, while a service fee is up to a restaurant. Plus, DoorDash also offers a special subscription.

Postmates vs DoorDash - Which Pays More?

Postmates vs DoorDash – Which Pays Drivers More?

If you’re a driver looking for a side job (or even a regular job), this is the most important question for you – which delivery company pays their drivers more, Postmates or DoorDash?

According to data offered by other drivers, the rate is almost the same – $23 per hour while on a delivery, and both companies allow their drivers to keep 100% of their earned tips.

However, what is different is how the final earnings are calculated, and here is where you should look for reasons to choose one app over the other.

DoorDash Driver Pay

DoorDash introduced its own Dasher Pay Model, which adds promotions and tips to your base pay. Base pay is based on time, distance, and desirability, and you always get to keep it; this rate depends on specific orders and varies from $2 to $10. Promotions include Peak Pay, which refers to orders placed during rush hours and other times of increased demand (you will always see the additional money you get paid for each order), and Challenges, a new solution that’s only being tested right now. It requires you to complete a specific number of orders in a certain amount of time.

Postmates Driver Pay

Postmates offers its drivers various pays based on the pickup, drop-off, time spent in a store, and a standard rate per mile. However, these rates may vary depending on the state you live in; for example, you will get $1.50 per pickup in Houston, Texas, but $1.80 for the same service in Phoenix, Arizona. Postmates also offers a sort of a challenge called Crushers, where you get a bonus after completing a certain number of deliveries by a specific date. Plus, you can earn a bonus if someone starts delivering for Postmates by your referral. Apart from these, there are also Blitz Pricing (higher rate during delivery rush hours), Hot Spots (orders from in-demand delivery areas).

When Do Drivers Get Paid?

Both DoorDash and Postmates pay their drivers weekly, and they do it through direct deposit, so you will need a bank account to receive your money.

However, both apps offer the option to cash out quickly (deposit usually takes a couple of days before it appears on your account). With DoorDash, you need to make at least 25 deliveries and dash for at least two weeks to have the Fast Pay option available; please, note that it will cost you $1.99 to cash out your money immediately. If you’re driving for Postmates, you can apply for Instant Deposit if you link your debit card to the Postmates Fleet app; it will cost you $0.50.


DoorDash vs Postmates – it is not an easy choice. Both apps are easy to use and intuitive for both drivers and customers. DoorDash is more widely available, which is a considerable advantage, especially if you live in a smaller city. Still, Postmates is more flexible, operating 24/7 and delivering everything a person may need, not only food. If you are a driver, Postmates is probably a better choice, as it offers more additional opportunities to earn money aside from your base pay. However, it will surely depend on how much you would like to drive, when you will have time for that, and where exactly you live. If you are a customer, though, you need to consider what you would like to order, what the exact offers are, and where you are. And if you really can’t make that decision – you can choose both, both as a driver and customer.



Actual earnings may differ and depend on factors like number of deliveries completed, time of day, location, and expenses. Hourly pay is calculated using average Dasher payouts while on a delivery (from the time you accept an order until the time you drop it off) over a 90 day period and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives.