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Are you currently driving for Uber but have some questions you need to be answered?

Are you considering becoming a driver but want some information before you start?

Either way, if you’ve tried searching online for the information you’re looking for and haven’t had any luck, you’ll want to know about the Uber Greenlight Hub.

What Is an Uber Greenlight Hub?

In the past, one major complaint Uber drivers have had is that it’s very difficult to contact the company when they need assistance.

While the company has made many efforts over the past year to change that (including a call feature on the Uber app), their most notable investment in improving driver support has been their Greenlight Hub.

What Uber Greenlight Hub offers drivers is an in-person opportunity for seeking help. The hope is that this kind of personal touch will alleviate some of the frustration often associated with the automated responses many Uber drivers would receive when looking for assistance.

Traditional employees have the opportunity to seek help in-person when they need it. Now, Uber is offering their drivers the same option.

How to Find the Greenlight Hub

How to Find the Greenlight Hub

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find your local Greenlight Hub, provided Uber has one in your area (more on what to do if they don’t in a moment).

Here are the simple steps to follow:

1. Go to Uber Help and choose “For Partners” from the menu on the left.

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

2. Choose “Select a City” from the menu in the upper corner and search for yours.

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

3. Enter “greenlight” into the search bar (you can also enter “in person help”).

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

4. A relevant article should show up in the drop-down – choose it.

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

5. That page will provide you with information about your local Uber Greenlight Hub.

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

Another easy way to find your city’s Uber Greenlight Hub is by entering “uber.com/drive/” into your address bar. Then, add the name of your city after that final backslash.

For example, if you were looking for your Uber Greenlight Hub in Minneapolis, you’d type: uber.com/drive/Minneapolis.

If a page shows up, scroll to where it says, “Contact Uber” and the location for your Uber Greenlight Hub should appear.

If one doesn’t exist, you’ll get the generic “Drive with Uber” page that has the sign-up form on the right.

3 Things You Can Do at an Uber Greenlight Hub

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

Now that you know what an Uber Greenlight HUB is and how to find one in your city, let’s talk about the different things you can do with this in-person help.

1. Apply to Drive

If you’ve been having trouble applying to drive for Uber online, don’t worry. The representatives at your local Uber Greenlight Hub will have no problem getting you signed up and out on the road.

This can also be extremely helpful if you have questions you want to be answered before deciding to take the plunge.

Chances are, the representative will have heard your question before and will be ready with an answer.

If you haven’t signed up for Ubet yet, but would like to start your application online please visit Uber’s Sign Up to Drive page.

2. Get Help with Your Documents

Having trouble downloading, uploading, or completing forms that Uber requires? Take them to a Greenlight Hub and you won’t have those problems anymore. They can help you fill them out and download/upload them for you.

Of course, if you rent your car through HyreCar, you will have the ability to upload your vehicle documents directly into your Uber driver account.

3. Ask Questions About Your Account

Sometimes, it can feel like your Uber account is cursed. For whatever reason, you can’t get it to do what you want.

Perhaps you’re having trouble getting paid or it seems like you’re invisible to passengers. Maybe your account has actually been deactivated and you want to know why.

Whatever the case, you’re just a trip to your Greenlight Hub away from finding out what’s going on.

As we mentioned earlier, the real benefit of what an Uber Greenlight Hub offers is that you can get answers from an actual human being.

Maybe you’re having trouble uploading necessary documents or you think you were given an unfair review. As helpful as Uber’s website attempts to be, these kinds of questions can sometimes lead to nothing but frustration.

If you have an Uber Greenlight Hub in or near your city, you’re just a drive away from “office hours” where you can ask as many questions as it takes to get the answers you need.

What If Your Location Does Not Have a Greenlight HUB?

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

You might be feeling a bit left out if you’ve discovered that your city doesn’t have its own Uber Greenlight Hub.

The good news is that, even if you don’t have an Uber Greenlight Hub nearby, you can contact the company a number of other ways to receive the help you need.

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Here are four ways to contact Uber.

1. The Uber App

The easiest place to seek help is probably on your Uber app, especially if it has to do with making changes to your account (e.g. adding a vehicle) or looking into your payment statements.

You can also use the app to “Report an Issue” after a problematic passenger.

2. Web Support

You can also go right to help.uber.com. Like the app, this is a good resource if you need general support.

However, you’ll also find in-depth information on a long list of topics, which includes:

  • Driver Payments
  • Requesting a Trip Fare Review
  • Technical Issues

3. Local Uber Driver Websites

Along with help.uber.com, the company also offers localized web pages specifically built for their driver-partners.

Most of the major cities Uber serves even have in-depth guides for drivers.

Here are some examples:

4. Phone Support

Uber’s phone support is very responsive, meaning most driver’s get their calls answered in fewer than two minutes. You can also get ahold of a representative 24 hours a day.

To call Uber:

  • Go to your driver app.
  • Click on Account.
  • Click on Help.
  • Tap the blue-phone icon located at the top right of your screen.
  • Click Call Support.

You’ll also have the option of choosing between an English-, Spanish-, or French-speaking representative.

Start Taking Advantage of Uber Greenlight Hub Today

Everything You Need to Know an About Uber Greenlight Hub

Even if you’re a veteran Uber driver, you probably have some nagging questions. Maybe you just have a sneaking suspicion or two that there’s a way you could be making more money.

These are great reasons to visit your local Uber Greenlight Hub.

Just because you’re an independent contractor, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a powerful network at your disposal. What Uber Greenlight Hub provides is the kind of community that makes all the difference in other professions.