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Track My Car

Track My Car

Car owners can track their cars anytime

Fix Pricing

Fixed Pricing

HyreCar has a fixed pricing model

Feedback Matters

FeedBack Matters

Drivers and Owners both rate their experiences to build long term relationships

Fully Insured

Fully Insured

HyreCar provides full insurance coverage for upto 1 Million dollars at no cost to you

HyreCar: Connecting Cars and Drivers

Car Owners: Make money while your car is idle
Car Drivers: Make money even if you dont have a car.
Frequently Asked Questions
I am Car Owner. How is HyreCar useful for me?

Lets take an example, if you work in San Francisco then you are paying for parking and your car is idle. If you work with us you save $30 on parking + you make average of $45. So your idle car can make you $75/day

I have a Taxi/Limo: How is HyreCar useful for me?

If you have a car or limo and you dont feel like driving today because of some personel reasons, you can rent you car and avoid wage loss and make money

I am a driver. How is HyreCar useful for me?

if you are Uber/Lyft approved driver but don't have car, then you can rent a car and make money. At an average Uber/Lyft drivers make an aberage of $200 Per Day in San Francisco

Is my car safe?

We carry 1 Million dollar insurance policy to protect you and your car. We also have maximum miles cap per day and you can track your car anytime

HyreCar: Connecting Car and Drivers