Rent a car to use for Uber, Lyft or
any other on-demand service.

Find the right car for a road trip
or a night on the town.


Flexible daily and weekly rentals. . 
Avoid subprime loans or long-term leases.


Sign up, rent a car and drive. 
No contracts required.



Your car can earn you up to 
$36,400 per year.


HyreCar rentals include a $1,000,000 
primary insurance policy.*

More Money

HyreCar’s fees are lower than GetAround and
RelayRides so you keep more money
in your pocket with every rental


HyreCar rents scooters too!
Rent your scooter to college students, on-demand delivery companies, and tourists.

Are you a licensed Fleet Owner?

HyreCar has the largest database of approved Uber Black drivers in the country. Upload your vehicles now and start getting qualified drivers today.

  • HyreCar adds 100s of drivers every day
  • Find qualified drivers by location or available shifts.
  • Post your vehicles at no cost.
  • Integrated driver tracking included.

what are you looking for?


Say goodbye to minimum wage. 
Rent a qualified car and earn up to $35 per hr.


No need to buy a car. Chose from 100s of available vehicles in your area.


Work the exclusive Uber Black without the red-tape or high cost.



Driver FAQ

  • - I need a car, how can HyreCar help me?

    Hyrecar provides access to hundreds of cars that drivers can rent to drive for on-demand services like Uber/Lyft or for personal use.

  • - How do I sign up?

    You can sign up for an account using your email. Once you’ve created an account you can go ahead and start the process to request a vehicle. The first time you request a vehicle; your driving record will be processed for approval. You'll need to complete the membership approval process before you'll be able to complete the booking of a trip. 

    We will validate your driving record using your driver’s license information to make sure it meets our eligibility requirements. Please DO NOT enter someone else’s driver’s license, or your membership may be immediately declined. Each member of a married couple, for example, must have their own account. 

    In most cases, we are able to automatically review this information in seconds -- please note that Hawaii, Alaska, and Missouri do not provide instant access to driving records, and so these reviews may take at least one business day to process. 

    We also ask for your payment method. All rentals are pre-paid at time of booking and may be extended prior to the end of your rental. You may only use a payment method that is in your name and we do not currently allow payment methods to be shared on accounts. 

    In order to help validate your identity, we may ask several factual questions that you should be able to readily answer. In some cases, we’ll need you to upload photos of your credit card, driver’s license, and you holding your driver’s license next to your face. To protect the information, you’ll be asked to obscure the leading numbers of your credit card. International drivers are not currently allowed to rent vehicles from on our platform. If any information is unclear, you may be asked to resubmit information, or provide additional information. 

    Each driver of a vehicle rented through the HyreCar marketplace must be an approved member (i.e., with an approved driving history and their own account). No secondary drivers are allowed for any rental unless a married couple living at the same address.

  • - Is insurance included in my rental?

    Insurance is included in all rentals. Insurance meets and usually surpasses minimum state requirements. Insurance provided through HyreCar is primary coverage during the rental period.

  • - Can I rent a car for part of the day to work for ride-sharing companies?

    Yes. Livery vehicle owners typically look for people to work 12 hour shifts rather than full day rentals. If you only want to work a half day or you want to use a car for less than a full day, select a Livery vehicle that offers shift rentals.

  • - When do I pay for the rental?

    Your payment authorized when you request a booking and you card is charged when your booking is confirmed. Bookings are confirmed once the owner accepts your request or immediately if you select an instant booking car, However if the owner does not accept your rental, you can chose an alternate vehicle or receive a full refund. 

    Also, if you incur additional fees such as parking tickets, cleaning fees, etc. you will be charged after the trip ends. We will charge the payment card on file, so please make sure that you have the proper funds available.

  • - What are the eligibility requirements?

    While we reserve the right to decline membership for any reason, the following are the minimum eligibility requirements: 

    1. You must hold a current, valid driver's license.  
    2. You must be at least 21 years of age. 
    3. Your driving history may not show: a major violation in the last 3-5 years more than 2 minor violations in the last 3 years, or more than 1 minor violation in the last year. 
    4. If you are under 25, you must demonstrate at least two years of current, U.S.-licensed driving history. 
    5. You must possess a mobile phone in your own name that we can verify through text message. 
    6. You must be a registered user of HyreCar.

  • - Is this a lease or a rental?

    Both transactions occur in our marketplace so it depends upon which vehicle is chosen. Some transactions are leases while others are rentals but for continuity of messaging, HyreCar refers to all transactions as rentals (even if it is a lease). Therefore the term owner may refer to a lessor, renter may refer to lessee and so forth. All agreements are based on the terms set forth in the Terms of Service.

  • - What is Livery or TCP/TLC?

    A Livery or TLC/TCP is a license that fleet owners must have in order to transport passengers for pay. All Livery vehicles are regulated by the vehicles residing government and must meet various insurance and safety requirements. Livery vehicles always have a 4-6 digit number on their front and rear bumper displaying their license number.

    Personal vehicles are non-commercial, non-livery cars that are registered in an individuals name.

Owner FAQ

  • - How do I sign up my car?

    You can sign up for an account using your email. Once you’ve created an account you can browse drivers in your area looking for a vehicle or you can upload your vehicle to the marketplace for drivers to rent. You will need to provide the following items to list your vehicle in the marketplace: 

    1. Pictures of the vehicle (both interior and exterior) 
    2. License plate number, VIN number, and year make and model of your car 
    3. Provide a pick up location (does not have to be your home) 
    4. Expiration date of registration 
    5. Daily, weekly and monthly rental price

  • - How do you screen renters?

    We take driver screening very seriously, as part of our Trust and Safety efforts to create a vibrant marketplace. We undertake the following procedures: 

    · Driving record check: Every renter must submit his or her driver's license number. The prospective driver's history is automatically screened against our strict eligibility requirements. 

    · Credit card screening: HyreCar also runs a check using the renter's credit card information. 

    · Identity verification questions: We may ask applicants some questions they should be able to readily answer without reference to any documentation, to confirm their identity. 

    · Insurance screening: Every driver goes through the insurance process each time they get a new vehicle that usually includes confirming their driving history.

  • - How much can my car earn me?

    Some active HyreCar owners make as much as $36,400 per year. It varies depending on demand, location and price.

  • - What will I earn per rental?

    HyreCar vehicles owners receive 85% of the rental price and excess mileage charges if applicable. If the renter has not paid for tickets or tolls during their reservation, we will reimburse your earnings for those charges after receiving the necessary documentation.

  • - Which cars do you accept?

    Only passenger vehicles legally registered in the United States are eligible for listing. Year, make and model are not restricted however we reserve the right to decline any vehicle, vehicle type or year model at any time. All vehicles must be in in excellent condition and continue to comply with all legal, safety and mechanical standards. Photo verification is required for every vehicle including exterior and interior photos. 

    The following is an illustrative list of vehicles which may be declined: passenger vans, cargo vans, box trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), vehicles requiring a commercial license to operate legally on public roads, vehicles designed primarily for off-road use, farm equipment, construction equipment, motorcycles, GEM or similar vehicles not designed for highway use.

  • - How Do I Get Paid?

    Three days after the completion of a HyreCar reservation, we will automatically initiate ACH payment (like direct deposit) for your share of the rental price directly to your bank account. Please allow 1-3 business days after then for the transfer of the funds. If the reservation lasts more than a week, then you will receive partial payments on a weekly basis: on day 7 we will initiate the first partial payment (which you should see in your account 1-3 business days later), and then on day 14, etc. the process will continue.  

    In order to receive these funds, you'll need to provide your bank’s routing number and your account number. You’ll be able to enter this information on your profile page.

  • - Are My Earnings Taxable?

    This statement is provided for information purposes only and does NOT constitute tax advice.

    As a general statement, all income earned is taxable including income from renting or leasing your vehicle. We send 1099-K forms. As always, we encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income. More information can be found here.

  • - Is this a lease or a rental?

    Both transactions occur in our marketplace so it depends upon which vehicle is chosen. Some transactions are leases while others are rentals but for continuity of messaging, HyreCar refers to all transactions as rentals (even if it is a lease). Therefore the term owner may refer to a lessor, renter may refer to lessee and so forth. All agreements are based on the terms set forth in the Terms of Service.

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