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The food delivery industry has been absolutely booming for some time now. Yet, only a few years ago, most people had pizza home-delivered and not much else. Things are obviously a little different these days, and ordering a whole host of varying cuisine is a weekly or even daily event for most of us. It used to be something of a treat but is now a pretty standard part of our lives, and for a good reason – food delivery services are quick, budget-friendly, and save a ton of hassle.

GoPuff has taken delivery service to the next level by offering everyday convenience store items such as snacks, ready meals, cleaning products, baby food, and in some states, even alcohol. We are in a period of change, and GoPuff has quickly become massive due to the demand for this convenient service. Who knows? There might come a time when we have all of our groceries delivered, making better use of the time wasted going to and from the grocery store.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

But Who Are They, and What Do They Do?

Well, everyone loves a story like this. Two easy-going Philadelphia sophomore besties are making frequent trips for groceries because these guys had a car, unlike their wider circle of friends. What started as occasionally asking ‘does anyone need anything from the store’ soon turned into several trips each day, grabbing much-needed essentials to satisfy their buddies’ hunger, thirst, or sudden desperate need for Gummy Bears.

Things began to get a little out of control. Messages, calls, and sometimes even emails poured in, often in the middle of classes. Please can you get me this. Please can you get me that. So, being a couple of quite brainy guys with a flair for tech, they spent a month or two designing and launching an app to make everything more manageable. Soon, they began to stock a few basics of their own, taking the store out of the equation. Without yet realizing it, GoPuff was born.

Delivery work

Go Puff, Food Delivery

From Philly Hustle to Huge Corporation

There is an abundance of universities in Philly. In 2013, they began to service fellow students in the broader area during that first year of business by holding more extensive stocks of essential items and delivering them quickly. Realizing they had a tiger by the tail, they decided to scale the business and offer their services to the general public. 

Still, to do so, they needed investment. That came from flipping second-hand furniture on eBay and Craigslist, sinking a whopping $50,000 of profits into the venture, and scaling. We don’t know how many sofas and side tables you have to flip to raise fifty grand, but it must be quite a few. That’s really quite an impressive hustle when you think about it.

The business grew further afield, eventually going national. Establishing micro fulfillment centers in various cities, they began employing more drivers. In a few short years, they had utterly revolutionized grocery shopping. Now GoPuff operates in over 1000 cities with thousands of products stocked at their various warehouses, meaning drivers can load and leave without making an additional stop. And therein lies the secret sauce of this interesting delivery company: convenience and speed.

Budweiser in a blink. Floor cleaner in a flash. We could go on, but you get the picture.

And there you have it. Some people spend years creating a complicated business plan. Others stumble into a business valued at billions because their friend Dave wolfed down a fiery curry the previous night and quickly needs a 6 pack of toilet paper.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

Why Become a Delivery Driver in the First Place?

There are several great reasons to become a delivery driver. The two most appealing are flexible hours and a sense of independence, with no bosses barking orders or giving you a hard time.

Usually, those two factors alone are enough for most people. If you need further incentive to become a delivery driver, you might consider the frequent pay (with GoPuff it is weekly), regular work in a booming industry, and even just the chance to get out and about and meet interesting people. It’s nice being out on the road as your own boss, and many people wouldn’t have it any other way.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

What’s It Like to Drive For GoPuff?

GoPuff are market leaders in an exploding industry. The founders sound charming and likable. The employees are happy. But let’s cut to the chase. What is it really like as a GoPuff driver specifically, and more importantly, how much do GoPuff drivers make?

We know our stuff when it comes to delivery gigs. In our opinion, they are an excellent company to work for with an ideal set-up for delivery drivers and a healthy earning potential. This article will break it down piece by piece and get to the bottom of just what it is like and how much you earn as a GoPuff delivery driver.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

GoPuff Delivery Drivers Are a Happy Bunch

GoPuff now employs over 10,000 people, many of whom are happy, stress-free drivers. According to Comparably stats, they have an 81% staff approval rating, placing them in the top 5% of companies. If you are reading this article because you want to become a GoPuff driver, that is an important stat to be aware of. After all, who doesn’t like working for nice bosses? To give you an idea of this company’s mindset and general vibe, they recently committed $2 million in free delivery orders to healthcare workers and a Covid Relief Fund.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

What Do GoPuff Delivery Drivers Actually Do Each Day?

Unlike most other driving gigs, third-party vendors are not involved in any stage of the delivery process. All products are stored at the local GoPuff warehouse (otherwise known as a local micro fulfillment center), making this gig about as simple as possible. 

Customers place an order on the GoPuff app, which eventually syncs with your GoDrive app. You then collect it from the GoPuff warehouse and deliver it to the customer.

GoPuff drivers begin each day at a specific registered warehouse, but you can apply to change facilities if you want to. You can work on-demand or set your own schedule. Each driver reports to the warehouse at the beginning of each shift, remaining there until shift completion. You can set your own hours, but they must be scheduled and seen through.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

How to Get Started as a GoPuff Driver

Before we discuss anything else, you need to ensure you meet the GoPuff driver requirements, but if you are reading this article, you probably have all of your ducks in a row and tick all the right boxes. It’s pretty standard stuff: GoPuff drivers must be at least 21 years of age and in possession of a valid US driver’s license. To hook up the dedicated GoPuff driver app, new drivers need either an iPhone (with a minimum of iOS 10) or an Android with 4.4.3 (again, as a minimum).

Obviously, you need access to a fully insured vehicle. If you don’t own a car, remember you do have the option to rent, through our affordable delivery service car rentals. All GoPuff drivers must pass a criminal background check and MVR sweep (Motor Vehicle Record check). There is, of course, a brief interview for all new driver-partners, but nothing too intense.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

How and When Are Drivers Paid?

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Delivery partners are paid weekly, by direct deposit, with payment for your first week at the end of the following week. Payment is usually determined from 5 am on Monday to 5 am the following Monday and includes commissions, all on-app tips, and various bonuses, which can change from time to time.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

What Are the Driver Incentives?

The potential commissions and bonus schemes vary depending on which GoPuff fulfillment center you are registered with. Some centers are busier than others, but those centers will likely have fewer drivers, so it usually averages out across the board.

Most of your earnings will come from order commissions, usually set at $2.25 to $5 per order, but this can change slightly from center to center. Again, depending on which center you are working with, bonus schemes are available for hitting a target number of orders each week.

Of course, you keep all tips, which are paid by the customer either before or after delivery. It is not unheard of for drivers to receive occasional cash tips in addition, which helps to bolster earnings. Of course, that should not be assumed. GoPuff might boost driver earnings during busy periods by offering bonuses and commissions, communicated to the driver through the GoDrive app or SMS.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

Is There a Guaranteed Minimum Rate?

GoPuff recently confirmed a minimum wage of $15 per hour. We should point out, however, that guaranteed minimum rates are subject to change at all times. At the moment, it is down from the previous minimum of $22 per hour. We suggest checking current guarantees directly, as they tend to fluctuate.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

How Much Do GoPuff Drivers Earn?

Realistically and without being too optimistic, what sort of wage can you squeeze out of this as an occupation?

We would love to be specific and give a concrete answer, but the truth is, we can only talk in rough approximations. There is a wealth of information available online but you will find the data varies, so we have done some leg work for you and arrived at a realistic figure.

We believe recent driver feedback is a good stick to gauge this with, so we joined various social media groups whose members consist mostly of GoPuff delivery drivers and asked the question directly.

Combining those results with our own knowledge and experience, we feel confident in a current estimation of $19.68 per hour across most states. However, one or two states stand out as having a higher average. Drivers based in California, a more high-demand state, can expect an average hourly pay of around $24.

Obviously, various factors can swing that estimation either way, depending on the season, driver experience, weekly bonuses, hours of work, etc. Approximately twenty bucks per hour is currently a fair estimation for most states in our research-backed opinion.

Go Puff, Food Delivery

Pros and Cons?


It all sounds great, doesn’t it? A well-established company who are the market leader in a booming industry, with a reputation for treating staff very well and offering quite reasonable pay.

However, as with anything in life, you have to look at the bigger picture and determine if it is a good fit for you. Yes, there is a sense of freedom with being your own boss, but that comes at a cost. You need to maintain and insure a reliable vehicle and remember that gasoline prices are rising.

As a GoPuff driver, you are paid promptly and can set your own weekly schedule, but on the other hand, you have no employee benefits such as medical insurance. 

Busy periods can be fun and financially rewarding, but you can expect a dip in orders at quieter times of the year, which might create a little boredom while waiting for jobs.

It is a simple case of weighing up the benefits and considering the negatives. You could really say that about most jobs though, right?

Go Puff, Food Delivery

Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, yes. The potential earnings for a GoPuff driver are quite reasonable. They have a reputation for treating staff well, and more than anything, you are your own boss. You can’t beat that sense of freedom that comes with being out on the road, with no one looking over your shoulder, working self-scheduled hours.

Interested? To become a GoPuff driver, visit the GoPuff application page, submit some basic information, and wait to hear back from them. You should have no problems if you have a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle. The application process is nice and straightforward, and they usually get in touch reasonably quickly. Good luck!