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Do you want to make some extra money for the holidays? Or maybe for a full-time income? Then consider becoming a Lyft or Uber driver.

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The two big ridesharing companies in the USA both offer you the opportunity to do so by giving rides to people in your part of the country whenever you have some time to spare.

So, what are the car requirements for Lyft? Do you qualify to be a driver? Check out our in depth article on vehicle requirements for Uber.

To see if you are likely to qualify to join either of these ridesharing companies, check out the requirements below.

All cars must also pass a 19-point inspection before it can be driven for Uber or Lyft. You can visit your local mechanic or auto shop to have this done.

However, Uber and Lyft drivers can also use services like Rideshare Mechanic to get their vehicles inspected remotely. This service conducts a video vehicle inspection, which eliminates the inconvenient process of going to a Jiffy Lube or local mechanic. No more getting stuck in traffic, wasting money on gas, or dealing with a mechanic who wants to upsell you on other parts.

Their cost is comparable to your local mechanic, and you don’t pay unless your car passes the inspection.

Click HERE to sign up with Rideshare Mechanic and get your vehicles inspected quickly and efficiently.

Uber/Lyft Car and Driver Requirements