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The car requirements for Uber Black can be confusing. However, with only slight variations from city to city, there are a number of requirements that potential drivers can count on having to meet.

The first, and most obvious, requirement is that your car must be a luxury sedan or crossover with a black interior and exterior. In most cities, the interior of your car must also be leather. While this is a seemingly simple condition to meet, it can prove difficult for Uber drivers who are currently renting their vehicle. With the majority of rental cars being white (22%) and silver (20%), Uber Black car requirements can prove restrictive, or even impossible, to those hoping to rent a car that meets the service’s exacting standards.

The second Uber Black vehicle requirement common to all cities is that your car must be able to comfortably seat four passengers. Anyone who has ever rented a car knows that the availability of any given model is often a gamble. Often, you show up and pray that the model you need is in stock, cleaned and ready to go. While it’s not difficult to secure a vehicle that meets the broader standard Uber requirements, the range of Uber Black car models is more narrow and, as a result, more troublesome.

At HyreCar, we help you avoid the runaround and get you into an approved Uber Black vehicle in record time. Via both our app and our website, we connect drivers with licensed fleet owners who are offering vehicles that meet all car requirements for Uber. Whether you’re interested in a Mercedes S-Class or a Cadillac XTS, we have access to a vast array of Uber Black car models that you can browse, shop and rent. Visit our website to rent a car for Uber, Lyft, or whatever ride sharing service you want to be a part of.

Our goal at HyreCar is to help drivers maximize the impact of their fares. Though Uber Black comes with more stringent vehicle requirements, it also offers increased fares. For drivers already renting a vehicle to meet Uber’s standard requirements, the company’s premium service, if approached properly, could afford them a substantial revenue increase. By providing drivers with easy access to Black-certified cars, we aim make the transition simple and help drivers offset Uber’s recent nationwide price cut.