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A Typical HyreCar Experience

We’ve talked a lot about how HyreCar is helping connect interested drivers with qualified car owners. We’ve looked at the pitfalls involved with subprime lending, examined detailed earning statistics and talked about responsible ridesharing. Today, however, we’d like to dispense with the broad strokes and, instead, take a look at the success stories of two happy users. The names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Our first customer is Mike.

Mike’s been out of work for a few months. Recently, he heard about people making money taxiing people around in their own cars. The thought of working for yourself, right from your car was so enticing to Mike, that he decided to apply to Uber. So he reclined his chair, booted up his computer and loaded up Uber’s website to find out more. It is at this point that Mike began feeling flustered. He just wanted to get in his car, drive around town and make some money. Uber was asking him to own a specific model of car, a car within a specific range of years and a specific kind of insurance. Mike had a two-door Camry with a busted tail light. That wouldn’t work.

Once again, like most would-be drivers, Mike got on the phone. Talking with a local rental agency, Mike discovered that, being an in-state driver, he couldn’t even rent an Uber-approved vehicle due to some vaguely referenced internal regulation. He was at a loss and once again turned to the Internet for answers. Mike found our website online, created an account and, in no time, was browsing through our vehicle list.

This is where we meet Bill.

Bill owns a nice four-door 2005 Acura and, for some time, he’s been supplementing his income by renting his car out with RelayRides. Pulling in roughly $200 per month, Bill used the money to take his pals out to the golf course every couple months. After a while, though, he wondered if there was a better way and, like Mike, found his way to our website. Within hours, he had listed his car, receiving rental offers and vetting candidates that promised a substantial boost to his monthly income.

And this is where Mike meets Bill.

In the vehicle listings, Mike found a great deal for a 2005 Acura The listing price was only 40$/day and included insurance. Mike applied for the car and within a few minutes was accepted by none other than Bill. Bill is now taking home over 1000$/month consistently, over 5 times as much as he was making with RelayRides! Mike loves his rental and is making almost 4000$/month driving for Uber. He now works when he wants and has complete financial freedom. Just 3 months ago he didn’t even have a job.

The success of Mike and Bill is just one of many similar stories that we’ve experienced here at HyreCar. By directly connecting drivers and renters, we offer the simplest path for both parties. We offer the path of least resistance.

Most importantly, we offer a path dedicated to the financial benefit of everyone involved.

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