Track Your RideShare Vehicles From Just About Anywhere with PassTime GPS

When you're renting your vehicles to RideShare drivers, reduce risk and

protect your vehicle assets with PassTime's GPS Tracking Solutions.

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About PassTime GPS Solution

We pride ourself on high quality, reliable products and unmatched customer support. 

PassTime is a leading provider of GPS Solution and has been in business for more than 25 years. PassTime's GPS telematic products help connect vehicles and protect assets for multiple sectors of the automotive and powersports industries including auto dealers, auto finance companies, fleet transportation providers and consumers. 

HyreCar customers will receive a special discounted price of $120 per unit!

Pin-Point GPS Tracking

Vehicle Disable / Starter-Interrupt

Protect Your Vehicles

PassTime’s Advanced GPS Tracking allows you to keep track of all your rented RideShare vehicles from just about anywhere.

Automatically disable the vehicle’s starter in the event of a default. Keep your drivers paying, on time.

PassTime’s GPS Solutions help protect your vehicle assets when you rent them out. GPS, virtual geo-fence boundaries, and alerts keep you and your assets protected.

Install PassTime GPS Solutions on

all your RideShare Vehicles!

PassTime GPS Solutions Benefits and Features

GPS Device Features:

  • Automated GPS Tracking
  • Vehicle Disable / Starter-Interrupt Feature
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Virtual Boundary Geofences
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Tamper Alert with vehicle location
  • Battery Low Power Alert
  • Speeding Alert
  • Abandonment Alert
  • Driving While Disable Alert
  • Tow & Impound Lot Notification Service
  • Impound
  • Stolen Vehicle


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