Track Your Vehicle With PassTime's GPS Tracking Solutions

Reduce risk and protect your vehicle assets when renting to rideshare and delivery drivers

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About PassTime GPS Solution

High quality and reliable products with unmatched customer support

Pin-Point GPS Tracking

PassTime’s Advanced GPS Tracking allows you to keep track of your rented rideshare vehicles from just about anywhere.

Vehicle Disable / Starter-Interrupt

Automatically disable the vehicle’s starter for any reason such as delinquent payments from drivers.

Protect Your Vehicles

PassTime’s GPS Solutions help protect your vehicle assets when you rent them out. GPS, virtual geo-fence boundaries, and alerts keep you and your assets protected.

How To Locate Your Assets

Other Features:

Mileage Tracker

Abandonment Alert

You're able to easily track how far your vehicles are going to make sure no driver is exceeding their daily mile limit.

Don't worry about your vehicles being abandoned. You can set an amount of time your vehicle has been idle and it will alert you.

Tamper Detection 

Tow-Detection Alert

Receive notifications if your PassTime device has been tampered with. 

Receive notifications if your vehicle has been hooked up to a tow truck.

On Demand Locate

Speed Alert

Ability to locate your vehicle in real time. 

Receive notifications if your vehicle goes over a pre-set speed limit. 

PassTime Is The Leading Provider For GPS Solutions

PassTime's GPS telematics products help connect vehicles and protect assets within the automotive mobility and powersports industries. 

PassTime FAQs

What GPS device do I need for the HyreCar program?

TRAX-SI is the preferred device for the program which comes with many features including Automatic Locate, Starter Interrupt, Tamper Detection, Mileage data, Geo-Fence alerts, and many more. 

How much does the GPS cost? 

The cost of the device is $120.00 which includes the GPS Device, the Starter Interrupt Relay, and 2-Years of Airtime Service and support. There are NO Monthly Service or Data plan fees. Device(s) can be renewed after the 2-Year Airtime expires at a cost of $15.00 per device for an additional year.  

Who installs the GPS?

HyreCar clients are responsible for the installation of the GPS. A certified 12-Volt technician or your local auto stereo shop is equipped to know how to install a GPS. PassTime Installation instructions are provided with every purchase along with 24/7 tech support. Once installed please contact PassTime at (800) 865-3260 to confirm proper installation of the device. 

How do I get started?

Once you are ready to order your GPS(s), click on the link provided on the HyreCar GPS landing page and enter 13749 for PassTime Account #. Once you receive the device, contact your HyreCar Account Manager to set up your access to the HyreCar PassTime GPS management system Oasis.  

If I need assistance with my device, who do I call?

If your market supports a dedicated sales rep, you will be provided their information once you order your 1st device(s). Otherwise, you can contact PassTime's Client Account Manager Hector Juarez at hjuarez@passtimegps.com.

Additional support is provided 24/7 through Customer Care Support at 800-865-3260.

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