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Nowadays, many drivers choose a hidden dash cam as part of their car’s equipment. Thanks to them, it’s easy to determine what took place in case of an accident. As such, it’s only natural that vehicle owners utilize these devices’ abilities for their benefit. 

How else can a hidden dash cam be useful in your car? Here are a few reasons why it is a reasonable investment.

Dash Cam

How Does a Dash Cam Work?

A dash cam is a camera usually installed on a dashboard of a vehicle. Its primary purpose is to record everything that happens on the road. Some dashboard cameras are also front-facing. They capture everything that happens in the car even when you’re focused on the drive, which proves to be highly effective when you are an independent Uber/Lyft driver.

Dash cams are supposed to be small, even unnoticeable at first glance. This is why most of these devices are black and easy to blend into the dashboard. It lowers the risk of theft and in case of such an event, dush cam serves as a great tool to capture important footage that can be later used, for example, to recover stolen belongings.

The purchase of a dashboard camera is often dictated by the need to secure the owner’s property and ensure their peace of mind. Even when we’re not around, the car is protected from unfortunate events or damage that could be harder to prove without camera footage.

Accidents On the Road

One scenario when dash cams can be a real lifesaver is during accidents on the road. Of course, you might think that your driving abilities are unmatched, and you’ve never had an accident, so why bother with a hidden dash cam?

When it comes to driving, you need to remember that most of the time, you’re not the only person on the road. Your driving skills are important, but not every driver is experienced and responsible. So accidents do happen, and, especially in cases where the accident was not the result of your mistake, it’s beneficial to have the exact order of events shown on a tape.

Apart from that, you need to remember that you might not always be the one behind the wheel of your vehicle. Your partner, child, or a friend who borrows a car from you might not be as good of a driver as you are. A dash cam will help you keep track of any unfortunate events and the routes, directions, and speed at which the car was moving (thanks to GPS recording). You have an easy tool to collect all the information about your vehicle at any point in time.

Vandalism Off the Road

The hidden dash cam has an application also when your car is vandalized. Scratches, hits-and-runs, or thieves can occur even if you have a car alarm – not to mention that many people become desensitized to its sound, so the additional protection is something worth considering.

The camera can still record everything that happens to the car even if the ignition is off and you are nowhere near it (thanks to a parking mode feature). This way, in cases of burglary or vandalism, you can easily see what happened, and you have some base on which you can seek compensation.

Hidden Dash Cam

Hidden Dash Cam – Extra Features

Here are a few of the amazing features that make a good quality dash cam an excellent investment.

See In the Dark

The best hidden dash cams have a great feature: they provide good image quality even at night. It’s rather important because if you’re spending money on car equipment, it should be able to protect you even when it’s dark. Cameras with night vision offer good picture quality in all conditions, including low light situations.

Total Safety With G Sensor

The majority of the best hidden dash cams are equipped with cutting-edge technology like the G Sensor. This sensor is responsible for saving the footage from the camera during an accident. G Sensor will save the footage after an impact and secure the video so that it won’t be overwritten or deleted by the auto-delete function.

Have Your Eyes Front and Back

Some dash cams are equipped with dual cameras, which give you a complete picture. They record both the front view of a car and its back, so you can see everything that’s going on. This is an interesting feature worth your attention if you want to secure your vehicle completely, for example, for longer trips.

An even easier solution would be to use a rear view mirror camera. It records the back of your car to give you a 180-degree visual range. This camera is still a functioning rearview mirror which shows the view of the back of the car and the road behind it when a vehicle is in reverse or when a driver turns the cam on.

Drive Safely

Hidden dash cams can also help a driver when it comes to driving safely at all times. One of the most notable features the best dash cams have is driver fatigue alerts. The camera can alarm you when you’re about to depart the line or get into a collision. It’s a fantastic feature for any driver because we often drive on “auto-pilot,” particularly on roads we’re very familiar with. Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to rely only on your senses to stay safe.

Easy Control

Dash cams are fitted for active car use, so they don’t require too much of your attention and effort to work properly. They can be activated by voice control, which is safe and comfortable for a driver. Interestingly, the best hidden dash cams can be controlled with an app on your smartphone.

It’s possible to connect a phone to a dash cam through a wi-fi connection. That way, you don’t have to use an SD card because all the footage from a camera can be accessed and stored on the app on your phone. It’s comfortable because at every moment you can find the footage you need and you don’t have to use a computer.

Reliability in Hard Conditions

What distinguishes the hidden dash cams from other similar accessories is their high resistance to challenging conditions, especially high and low temperatures. It is crucial when you look for the equipment for your car. Good quality dash cams offer excellent video quality in cold winters and hot summer afternoons. No matter where you are, you can count on complete protection at all times.

Dash Cam

Dash Cam VS Phone/Other Cams

Using your smartphone as a hidden dash cam might not be the best idea. In some cases, it can even be potentially dangerous. First of all, while a phone can be used as a recording device in your car, it’s not comfortable. Usually, it means you can’t use your phone when it’s recording.

What’s more, phones often overheat when they are in constant use for many hours. As a result, they might stop working, turn off accidentally, or turn off due to a low battery percentage. And for you, it means the end of the recording, which is far from ideal.

And you can imagine how user-unfriendly it is storing all this footage on your phone camera. Video quality can also vary depending on the quality of a phone camera. If your smartphone is not equipped with a high-resolution camera, the footage may leave a lot to ask for.

Other cams, like GoPros, don’t auto start with a start of the ignition (in contrast to dash cams that operate like that), which is a problem if you’re a forgetful person. You might not always remember to turn the camera on before the drive, and doing so while driving can be hazardous.

Is a Dash Cam Worth the Investment?

In short words, yes! Dash cams are quality pieces of equipment that help drivers in everyday life. Their various features make them one of the most valuable accessories on the road as well as in parking mode. The most important thing to remember is that it’s overall better to invest in a high-quality cam. It’s not only better for your budget (these types of products are usually made from enhanced materials that last longer), but it provides you with more interesting features.

Dash cams are rather popular among car drivers, but they can be used in other vehicles, like motorcycles. This accessory increases the safety of every road user, especially the one who’s got another set of “eyes” watching, so if you want to secure your property and take care of yourself and your passengers, purchasing a hidden dash cam is a fantastic way to do that!