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It doesn’t take much research to learn that you can make quite a bit of money driving with rideshare services like Uber. However, there are some expenses that can offset those attractive profits. Right now, one of the worst culprits is the price of gas. Unfortunately, that’s not changing any time soon.

So, are drivers who work with Uber stuck with the reality that they will simply not make as much money until gas is at an affordable price? Absolutely not! If you’ve been considering a vehicle upgrade, now is the time to look into electric vehicles. These hybrid and battery powered cars could be your key to making more money with your rideshare vehicle.

Now, you simply have to decide which electric vehicle is best for you. Here, we’ll provide some details on the best electric vehicles for Uber. We’ve also got some general tips to help rideshare drivers find the electric cars that are best suited for their needs.

5 Best Electric Vehicles for Uber Drivers

Let’s dive right into the best electric cars. This list will cover vehicles in a few different categories. That’s to ensure that rideshare drivers can find something to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Tesla Model S

Is it really worth driving an 85K Tesla Model S for Uber? That depends! If you are in a market that values the prestige of a luxury electric vehicle, this could help you to stand out from other drivers. That’s why we think the Tesla Model S is a great choice for any rideshare driver with a local clientele that loves upscale vehicles. Remember that people who buy a Tesla model enjoy many perks. This includes access to EV charging for life.

Our Verdict: The Best Luxury Model

Chevy Bolt

The Chevy Bolt starts at 15K, but you can pay up to 45k depending on the options you choose. So, it’s a fairly mid-priced car. It also has a range of more than 250 miles. The Chevy Bolt is roomy, albeit a bit bare-boned. Also, GM’s mistake is your gain. They had to recall all Bolts at one point. So, there’s a good chance that yours will have a nearly new battery. Just be sure you can charge at home.

Our Verdict: Best overall

Kia e Niro

The Kia e Niro is a bit more robust than the Bolt. It’s roomy enough for a rideshare driver to take a family for a ride. It also has a hundred-mile range on a fast car charger. This roomy hatchback is a great choice for drivers who need a crossover to drive passengers to the airport. The spacious rear seats mean plenty of space for multiple passengers. The base price here is 39K.

Our Verdict: Best mid-priced vehicle and best crossover

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is the lowest-priced model on this list. It’s also the smallest vehicle. This may not be the best EV for driving passengers for longer distances. However, it is excellent for short trips and deliveries.

Our Verdict: Best economy EV

Chrysler Pacifica PHEV

If you are interested in driving an XL class vehicle with Uber, this is it. The Chrysler Pacifica PHEV can carry up to seven passengers quite comfortably. It also gets more than 80 MPG as long as the battery is charged. Drivers can offer passengers a comfortable ride, and this car is perfect for longer distances.

Our Verdict: Best XL

Electric Vehicles, Uber Driver

New, Leased, or Used Market?

If you want to drive the best electric vehicles with Uber, where should you shop? Once, you could only find electric cars new, at the dealership. Now you can buy or lease used options from many sources. It’s possible to take advantage of deals on new cars as well as the following:

  • Purchasing used cars from dealerships or individuals
  • Long term lease through companies that offer electric cars
  • Short term lease from rental companies or individuals

If you are wholly convinced that you want an electric vehicle, would like the best warranty protection, and are willing to absorb the depreciation, then you should choose a new car. However, if the depreciation bothers you, it is possible to purchase a certified used car. Your other options are to buy or lease from an individual. If you do this, consider the age of the vehicle and maintenance history.  A battery electric vehicle may need rather expensive work done if it is more than a few years old. Specifically, it may need it’s batteries replaced. This is a fact of life when you buy a vehicle that runs under battery power. 

Electric Vehicles, Uber Driver

Should you get a Hybrid or All-Electric Vehicle?

Should rideshare drivers choose a hybrid or all-electric vehicle such as the Tesla Model S? The biggest factor here is mileage. Some rideshare drivers can easily put more than 100 miles per day on their vehicles. 

There are some rideshare drivers who work in densely populated major cities. They may drive people very short distances, multiple times each day. Saving on gas in stop-and-go traffic in that case is a real benefit. They may also stay beneath the mileage limits before needing to charge their transportation again.

Electric Vehicles, Uber Driver

Other Benefits to Driving an Electric Car

As a whole, people are becoming more concerned about the environment and the harm caused by gasoline engines. When someone sees a zero-emissions vehicle as an option on their Uber app, they may be more inclined to select that option. Also, you may be able to qualify for Uber Select if your hybrid or EV meets other criteria.

Of course, there’s no ignoring the biggest benefit. It can be expensive to keep a rideshare vehicle filled with gas. Drivers may save quite a bit of money with a battery-powered vehicle.

Electric Vehicles, Uber Driver

Downsides to Using Electric Cars for Uber

Before any rideshare driver chooses an electric car, they should consider a few drawbacks. Here are some of the more common:

  • The budget-friendly versions are smaller in size
  • May run out of charge or struggle to find charging stations
  • Riders may assume the vehicles aren’t as “sturdy” as other  cars

Finally, some drivers may simply realize that their location isn’t a good choice for hybrid or all-electric vehicles if there aren’t too many charging stations nearby.