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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there was a sharp decrease in the number of people ordering rides with Uber. Luckily, consumers and independent drivers who use the Uber network were still able to connect through the Uber Connect feature, allowing them to arrange easy and fast same deliveries for all types of goods.

In short, Uber Connect makes sending stuff to your friends, loved ones, and customers a whole lot easier and less stressful!

Many people who request a ride using Uber still do not understand all there is to Uber Connect. This is our complete guide to all there is to know about the Uber Connect platform, so whether you’re a customer or a driver, prepare to be filled in!

What Is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a service that allows independent drivers to receive package delivery requests from people who use the Uber app. This offers them an alternative opportunity to earn extra income on top of the money they earn through UberX and UberXL. Now, drivers can easily pick up and transport packages to a designated drop-off location of the app users’ choosing.

It’s a perfect shipping option and unlocks so many new possibilities above and beyond food delivery or catching a ride. It makes local deliveries of all kinds of goods especially simple for consumers as it does not require shipping labels, any contact with the post office, or waiting for up to 72 hours for delivery.

All the client has to do is pack their delivery, open the app, select the Uber Connect option and wait for the driver to arrive. When the transportation provider is finally with you, you will hand the package over and can expect the delivery to be done the same day in pretty much all cases.

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Uber Connect

What Can the User Pack?

While there are no real limits to the types of items that you can send through Uber Connect, there will be some limits based on weight and value, depending on the vehicle type.

Furthermore, some items are prohibited. They include alcohol, weapons, animals, hazardous materials, recreational drugs, medication, and other illegal items. If you choose a bike or scooter delivery from your location, your items should be able to fit in a backpack and they should be sealed or properly closed so they are ready for door or curbside pickup.  While it is rare, a driver can cancel your request if the package does not meet the criteria or if the package has prohibited items.

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Uber Connect is now widely available and can be found across 6,000 towns and cities in the United States Australia, Mexico, and Canada. You can find it in smaller towns as well as bigger cities such as Philadelphia, New York, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. To find out if you’re in an area with Uber Connect, you can simply open the app and see if the option is available to you.

Uber Connect

The Difference Between Regular Uber and Uber Connect

The main difference between Uber and Uber Connect is that the latter service cannot be used to ride as a passenger. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if some people will still try to use it as they would use UberX!

Uber Connect was specially designed and released to meet the needs of consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to keep people connected even if they could not drive to a particular destination by themselves.

Another difference is that, unlike rideshare options that may experience hiked prices at night or during weekends, the cost of sending parcels from one place to another is likely to stay more consistent no matter the time of day.

Uber Connect

The Speed of Uber Connect Deliveries

Some of the factors that will determine the amount of time taken for a package to be delivered include:

  • Distance
  • Traffic
  • Size of the package

However, most local deliveries will be possible in the span of half an hour or so, which is better than other delivery options including UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Flex. Using Uber Connect for delivery is the same as a person simply hopping into their car and delivering a package to their friend across town. However, with the app, you do not have to move a finger as the driver using the app does everything for you!

This makes Uber Connect perfect for last-minute deliveries of food or gifts to friends and relatives, particularly if illness or time constraints mean making the journey yourself isn’t possible.

Uber Connect

How Uber Connect Works

The first step to ensuring that you can use Uber Connect is to ensure you have downloaded and signed in to the Uber app. If you already have the app on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the package you would like delivered and ensure you secure it as appropriate.
  • Go to the Uber app and choose Connect. You will then need to agree to the terms and conditions of delivery and confirm that the package has no prohibited items. You can find the list of prohibited items on the website.
  • Request a delivery on the app.
  • You will then receive a message asking you for details including the recipient’s name and any special delivery instructions. Fill in the details according to your needs.
  • Then, you will need to wait for the driver to reach your curbside and when the driver arrives, you will load the package into the driver’s car or vehicle.
  • Lastly, you will need to call the recipient of your package and let them know that they should meet the driver and retrieve the package shortly. 

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In cases where the driver reaches the dropoff location and does not see the recipient of the package after approximately 5 minutes, they will be required to call you back. You will then be expected to accept in writing that the driver can leave the package at the recipient’s door, or you can ask the driver to drive the package back to you at your location. Thankfully, Uber will pay for the return trip!

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Uber Connect

The Cost of Uber Connect

Several factors determine the cost of an Uber Ride or Uber Connect delivery. Below we explain some of the main principles that will influence the cost.

Upfront Pricing

First of all, it’s important to know that the person who is sending the package will know the cost of the delivery before the delivery is even arranged, there are no hidden fees. This upfront pricing system gives the exact price of the delivery before the customer accepts or declines it.

The upfront pricing system will calculate the cost of the delivery by factoring in the base fare, minimum fare, distance rates, traffic surges and patterns, time, and any other tolls that can affect your delivery. The result is the upfront fare.

However, you need to understand that you will pay the minimum amount regardless of the other factors at play. One other small caveat is that there is an extra cost to pay if you make the Uber driver wait longer than two minutes. The app will add $0.35 per minute to the entire cost of the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uber Connect provides a quick and efficient way for people to transport their packages. However, you may still have some questions about this service. We answer them below:

How Does Uber Connect Operate?

Uber Connect is a platform that allows drivers to connect with customers who need to make deliveries. The driver will expect that the customer meets them at the curbside so they do not necessarily need to find parking for their cars.

However, if you are unable to meet your driver, you can let them know in advance in the instructions area. You will have to let them know where they will be able to park and where they can find you.

Does Uber Charge By Time or Mile?

Uber uses many pricing components to determine the cost of delivery. You will be charged for the delivery depending on the time the rider spends waiting and the distance they will cover before they deliver your package. Distance will be charged per mile, while time is charged by the minute and these rates may depend on the city in which you reside.

What Does Uber Connect Deliver?

Drivers who use the Uber app will deliver all types of packages. However, there are prohibited items as we have mentioned above. Furthermore, the items that you need to be delivered will need to comfortably fit into the trunk of the vehicle. Ideally, the package should be under $100 in value and under 30 pounds in weight. Lastly, you will need to ensure that the items you send for delivery are sealed and secured ahead of the driver’s arrival.

Note that Uber Connect cannot be used to deliver or transport people.

What is the advantage of using Uber Connect over traditional package delivery services?

One of the main benefits of sticking to Uber Connect over traditional options is that the delivery is made the same day, and in many cases, under 30 minutes. As long as you are transporting items within the confines of Uber’s terms, you will enjoy benefits including:

  • No postage
  • On-demand delivery of packages
  • Contactless delivery-which is essential at this time when the world is dealing with the COVID-19 scourge
  • The driver will deliver the package on your behalf from your designated location to the dropoff location.

Can the Driver Cancel My Delivery Request?

While this is highly unlikely to happen, it is possible for the driver to cancel your delivery request.


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