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If you are considering becoming an independent driver, it’s vital to understand what vehicle requirements are needed for different types of rides. As more and more people sign up to drive with Uber, we hope to help provide new drivers with a clear guide and help you get started.

What are the Vehicle & Car Requirements?

What kind of car do you need to drive with Uber? How old can your car be to drive with Uber? To drive with Uber’s most popular option, UberX,, you need a car that meets their requirements in full. There is no comprehensive cars list, but if your vehicle meets the requirements for UberX trips listed below, you are probably good to go. Vehicle requirements do vary by city.

  • Vehicle Age – What year does your car need to be to drive with Uber? Uber year requirements vary from city to city. Your vehicle must be 15 model years old or newer. but the threshold could be different depending on where you live.
  • Current Registration – Car requirements state that you need to provide your registration document.
  • Configuration – All car models must be a four-door sedan and be able to seat four or more passengers comfortably.
  • No visible cosmetic damage
  • You must complete a vehicle inspection
  • The driver has to complete the background check process

All vehicles must meet the  requirements before they can be used on the platform.

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