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Before applying to drive with Uber or Lyft, the number one question many have is whether or not it’s worth the safety risk. In an internet and social media-driven age, we all get a front row seat to the worst stories, and it can leave people wary about the ridesharing profession.

In fact, Who’s Driving You is a website that was established with the express purpose of making sure every Uber or Lyft related accident or safety incident is reported for the whole world to see. When you take a look at a site like this, the situation seems pretty grim for drivers.

When Uber and Lyft have been asked to comment on these sorts of incidents in the past, they usually respond with the statistics, pointing out that safety incidents are actually a pretty small percentage when compared with the total number of rides being given.

Which is true, then? Is rideshare driving terribly dangerous? Or is it not really as bad as some people claim? When it comes to safety, the two main contributors are the drivers and the riders. We’ll look at some of the main issues that impact how safe or unsafe a ride is, and share some of our biggest safety tips for drivers.

How Safe are Uber and Lyft For Drivers