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Drivers are responsible for paying all tickets and toll charges received during their rental. 

Our partner Wise Mobility makes this process very easy for both our Renters and Owners. Wise Mobility will monitor HyreCar’s fleet vehicles (“Monitored Vehicles”) with the vehicle and registration information provided by HyreCar to Wise Mobility. In the event that a Monitored Vehicle receives a parking ticket (“Parking Ticket”), toll violation, (“Toll Violation”), or camera violation (“Camera Ticket”), Wise Mobility will transfer liability over to the driver on the owner’s behalf.

How it works for Owners

  • When a trip starts, Wise Mobility starts tracking the rented vehicle.
  • Wise Mobility system catches citations received during the rental and transfers liability to the driver.
  • Owners will receive an email from HyreCar@wisemobility.com letting them know that a citation has been received and it has been covered.
  • Owners will still receive the tickets in the mail, and can reference the citation number in the email to verify it has been covered.

An owner can reach out their account manager or our support specialist at any time to verify coverage.

How it works for Drivers

  • Drivers receive an email that a citation has been received and they are given a period of 3 days to pay that citation with no extra fees
  • If they do not pay within that period, the liability will be transferred and a citation will be mailed to them from the ticketing agency to pay. Note additional fees may be added. This is up to the discretion of the ticketing or toll agency.

HyreCar will provide an updated vehicle list to TIKD on an ongoing basis including, but not limited to, Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”), Vehicle License Plate Number, Vehicle Physical Location, and State of Registration for monitoring of tickets, tolls and violations.