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Earlier this week, the California Department of Motor Vehicles dropped a bombshell on Lyft and Uber drivers. According to the DMV, “Any passenger vehicle used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit is a commercial vehicle [and] even occasional use of a vehicle in this manner requires the vehicle to be registered commercially.” This announcement is in stark contrast to Uber’s policies which, according to some sources, have led to a number of drivers being suspended for registering their vehicles commercially.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, drivers in California are left with their palms in the air, puzzled expressions on their faces as they release a prolonged, “Uhh…” Understandably confused, the question of legality raises a second, unspoken concern: how can drivers protect their future with the ridesharing companies?

At HyreCar, we’ve established ourselves as the premier source for renting pre-approved, certified Uber and Lyft vehicles. With a multitude of fleet owners at our disposal, we provide our users with access to hundreds of road ready vehicles. From premium black sedans to crossover SUVs, our app and website allow you to instantly inspect, reserve and rent a vehicle that meets all legal and corporate requirements.

While nobody can predict the future, we here at HyreCar know that many drivers depend on Uber and Lyft as a stable source of income. In light of that, we aim to head off any interruptions in that flow of income. By staying on top of legal requirements, company policies and insurance obligations, we offer drivers peace of mind. By only renting out approved Lyft and Uber cars, we offer you the ability to future-proof the investment you’ve made in driving.

With the situation in California raising both eyebrows and questions, we feel that drivers deserve a level of certainty. They have earned the right to drive comfortably, to drive with confidence. At HyreCar, we can say with total conviction: no matter what turns the road ahead takes, you can be confident that HyreCar has a vehicle fit to navigate it.