Get insurance for your fleet

Insurance for when your vehicles are not rented out on our platform. 

Protect Yourself. 

Protect Your Business. 

Protect Your Assets.

How Period X™ Works

"Fleet Owners Signed Up with Period X™ insurance see an average of 86% occupancy rates."

Types of Coverage*

Automobile Liability 

("3rd" Party Coverage)

Physical Damage Coverage


$2,500 per accident - $250,000 Maximum any one occurrence

This only pays for the Actual Cash Value at the time of the accident, not a replacement

Collision and Specified Perils:

Maximum Value is $90,000

Co-Insurance Penalty applies if your car is worth more

The most covered for one accident: 

$50,000 Bodily Injury (per person)

$100,000 Per Accident

$30,000 Property Damage

Note: "3rd Party"is a person or someone else's property that you hit or damage. Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorists and PIP Covered is not provided unless it is required by state law. If required, we will only pay the minimum limit. PIP coverage is "no fault" and is only in certain required states.

All vehicles bound to a Period X™ policy require an OBD device. There is no minimum number of vehicles needed in order to use Period X™, however, each vehicle must be plated and registered within their state.

Why you should cover your non-rented cars

Protect Your Assets

Only buy what you need, and let us cover your fleet while they are not operating. Keep your tags active without using other policies not designed for rideshare rental.

Ease of Mind

Make sure you are carefully covered when you or your employees are driving your vehicles for: maintenance purposes, refueling, car washes. 

It's Legally Required

Your vehicles need to be insured at all times while they are both on and off of your lot. Period X™ insurance allows you to plate and register your vehicles under the state minimum to ensure you are in compliance with HyreCar’s Terms.

Examples of your vehicle in Period X™

Driving to get gas

Driving to get car maintenance

Driving to get a car wash

List of "Specified Perils"








Rising Water

Attempted Theft

Civil Disturbance/Riot

"Specified Perils" is NOT Comprehensive Coverage, it simply replaces "Comprehensive" and actually lists what is insured.

NOTE: There is NO Coverage for Vandalism or Glass Breakage.