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Ridesharing has significantly improved the comfort of people looking for a quick way to get from one point to another. It is difficult to imagine our everyday life without the possibility of using a mobile app and ordering a lift in under one minute. But this is not all – it also offered an excellent opportunity for those who can drive and are seeking an additional source of money.

Lyft is no exception here, and you can quite easily become a driver for them; the biggest issue remains a car you will be driving your passengers in. Are you not sure if your vehicle would be appropriate for providing such services? Or maybe you don’t have your own, and you wonder if there are any Lyft rental cars or you want to buy a new car?

In case you want to explore this topic further, just keep reading. Below, we will answer some of the most burning questions concerning driving for Lyft – their Lux, Black, XL, regular and other types of rides, as well as details about approved vehicles, requirements, and rental service.

Lyft and Lyft XL Cars

The regular Lyft ride has the least requirements for vehicles, and they are limited to the ones listed above.

With Lyft XL type, your vehicle needs to be a van or SUV with the capability of fitting in up to 6 passengers.

In the case of both regular Lyft and Lyft XL, and contrary to other types of rides, there’s no official list of approved cars that can be used by the drivers. As long as your vehicle meets all the requirements mentioned earlier, you should be eligible to start providing ridesharing services.

However, many drivers report that the rules are very similar to those of UberX and UberXL, so it may be useful to take a look at their website.

Approved Cars for Lyft Lux

Approved Cars for Lyft Lux

Just like its name suggests, Lyft Lux offers a higher standard and comfort of the ride for a higher rate. If you want to provide Lyft Lux rides with your vehicle, your rating cannot be lower than 4.85. When it comes to your car, it needs to be truly high-end, be able to comfortably fit 4 passengers, and be 6 years old or newer.

If you’re not sure about your vehicle, simply sign up for Lux rides, and Lyft will do the assessment for you with no strings attached.

Lyft has also published a list of approved cars for its Lux rides. However, only because your model is not included doesn’t mean it’s automatically disqualified. It’s best to start a signup process to see if you are approved. If not, even then, you can still contact Lyft directly to see if there’s anything you can do to change their decision.

Approved Cars for Lyft Black and Lyft Black XL

Approved Cars for Lyft Black and Lyft Black XL

In order to offer Lyft Black or Lyft Black XL, you need to check if they are available in your city, as it’s not a wide-spread option. If you have a black luxury car, you can get even higher rates for your rides. You still must maintain the rate of at least 4.85, have a vehicle of high quality and in the best condition, black exterior and leather or leather-like interiors. The car must be 4 years old or newer.

If you’re still not sure, simply apply to be a Lyft driver and see if you’re accepted, contact Lyft directly, or consult with their official list of approved cars for Lyft Black and Lyft Black XL rides.

What If You Don’t Have a Car?

Deciding which vehicle to buy can be a daunting task for some, but now there are so many options online to help you compare makes, models, and prices on any type of car you are considering to purchase.

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle you can visit the HyreCar Auto Buying Program to compare prices of any new and used vehicle. The HyreCar Auto Buying Program connects you with certified dealers that will help you get the right vehicle at the right terms for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that is mainly for rideshare, food delivery, or your personal use, these dealers will help you purchase the right vehicle while saving you time and money. You can browse cars by visiting our Auto Buying Portal.

For those who don’t own or want to own any vehicles, there’s also the option of car rental for Lyft and other ridesharing services.

You can rent a car with Lyft or use another rental company’s service, as long as you meet all the essential requirements and fill in the required paperwork. Remember that with all vehicles, you need insurance registered in your name. Plus, even though Lyft requires their drivers to be 21 years old or older, most rental companies have a higher age limit (25 is the norm) or demand a longer driving experience.

The rental period length is usually flexible. The costs may seem like a lot at first, but you need to take into consideration that they include insurance as well as the maintenance that generally, you would have to do yourself. The exact price and details of the contract will vary depending on the city you live and want to work in.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if your car is not too old and can be legitimately assessed as safe, you can use it to become a Lyft driver. Depending on its model, you can offer regular Lyft services, Lux, Black, XL rides, or a combination of any.

Additionally, even if your vehicle is as old as a family heirloom or you don’t have one, all is not lost yet, as you can quite easily rent cars for Lyft rides. The only important thing is to calculate it all thoroughly to make sure it’s worth it, and you consider if have enough time for the rides to pay for the rental service and still make some money for yourself.