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HyrecCar is working hard to find new ways to help America’s unemployed drivers during the COVID-19 crisis. The company has been leveraging its expertise, resources, and network in order to help connect, protect and respect drivers by:

  • working with local job boards to introduce drivers to logistics and delivery companies,
  • building a library of resources to help drivers perform their jobs as safely as possible, and
  • offering higher rebates and incentives to gig drivers working through HyreCar.

CONNECT: Working with Local Job Boards

Regardless of whether or not an individual is interested in obtaining a rideshare vehicle, HyreCar is actively pursuing ways to connect unemployed drivers with understaffed logistics and delivery companies. At this time, HyreCar has partnered with the City of Los Angeles via the LAjobsportal to help inform, train, and support current and new drivers for delivery, logistics, and other companies. To help expand this sort of assistance beyond LA, HyreCar is actively developing partnerships with other organizations, including GoodWill and the State of Georgia.

PROTECT: Building a Library of Driver Resources

The need for gig drivers is at an all-time high – and while that brings an economic opportunity to more drivers, it also means greater exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help drivers find the right information to protect themselves, HyreCar is creating an easily accessible content library that features industry experts as well as real-world drivers who are on the road. Drivers can find insights in interviews with industry leaders as well as some of the best-known gig drivers on HyreCar’s YouTube channel; and important information on health, hygiene and safety is being curated for easy access on other blog articles as well.

RESPECT: Offering Higher Rebates for Driver Relief

Dealing with the unprecedented day-to-day uncertainty that we are all experiencing is physically and emotionally exhausting. This is especially true for gig drivers who are being relied upon more than ever to deliver food, supplies, medicine, and more. To help show their appreciation and respect for the gig drivers who are sourcing their vehicles through HyreCar, the company is offering higher-than-normal relief rebates.

“Our platform has been a calm port in the storm for a lot of our driver and vehicle owner partners,” said Joe Furnari, CEO of HyreCar. “Our communities and nation need gig rental services more than ever and our internal teams have answered the call of duty. I’m proud that we’re able to help on the front lines, providing hope for so many people in these trying times.”

For more information about how HyreCar is connecting, protecting, and respecting rideshare drivers to help the community at large – or to discuss a potential partnership to help America’s unemployed drivers find work – please contact Mike Furnari, HyreCar’s CBDO, at mike@hyrecar.com.