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The following are recommendations for duties to allocate existing employees to ensure maximum success and smooth operation of your rideshare fleet.

BDC/Internet Sales 

  • Accept and confirm rentals
  • Arrange pick up/delivery of rental
  • Monitor messages and communication from drivers
  • Communicate and facilitate with Porters/detailing team the selected vehicle that is to be prepared for pick up/delivery
  • After a period of 30-day rental activity, communicate with the driver to establish a relationship, monitor maintenance requirements
  • After 60 days of rental activity contact the driver to offer maintenance appointments and to plant the seed of the vehicle purchase
  • After 90 days of rental activity, offer finance terms on the specific vehicle or others in stock, through the HyreCar portal to achieve the sale. Advising the driver we have banks that will utilize their HyreCar rental payment history to get an approval on a rideshare loan.

We recommend the BDC/Internet employees assigned to the customers should be spiffed in order to ensure high levels of customer service and nurturing of the customer.

Service Cashiers/Reception team/Service drive Greeters

  • Execute vehicle pick up and drop off at the dealership.
  • Check driver’s license, conduct walk around, odometer, gas gauge. Taking pictures to upload to the portal.
  • Upon Pick Up/Drop off be required to “Confirm Pick Up” at commencement and “Confirm drop off” at the termination of rental periods. This action triggers the relevant insurance coverage on each vehicle.

Porters/Detailing team

  • Simply be aware of the program and be ready to detail vehicles appropriately upon a confirmed reservation.
  • Be aware to document the vehicle’s detail for relevant reimbursement under your chosen protection plan. Pictures to be taken before and after detail as well as a picture of the detailing receipt for reimbursement.
  • Be aware that delivery may be necessary to the client (if you choose to offer this) and to facilitate that.

Service Advisor & Technician

  • Advisors and Technicians should be aware of the program.
  • Assign a technician to execute Uber & Lyft inspections (where required) in a timely manner when vehicles are transferred to the platform.
  • Advisors and technicians aware of the maintenance requirements of longer-term renters. Emphasizing speed to get the renters in and out of the drive so they can get back to earning.


  • Monitor and manage the platform.
  • Make sure applicable trade in’s, aged used inventory and Fleet units are selected and transferred into the Mobility LLC, then sent for appropriate inspections.
  • Review selected wholesale units and see if they can be utilized on the platform for revenue.


  • Driver Request’s booking
  • Auto Approval HyreCar’s End accepts booking
  • BDC/Internet reaches out to arrange vehicle pick up
  • HyreCar Generates VIN specific insurance for the rental (24 hour period to process this though to expedite, for same day pick up, simply call and “Request Insurance” from your commercial account manager.

Vehicle Pick Up

  • The agent checks and verifies the driver’s license against the portal’s information
  • Take Pictures of the following to upload
    • Front view
    • Rear view
    • Passenger side
    • Driver side
    • Interior shots
    • Gas Gauge
    • Odometer
  • Upload pictures to the dealer portal and select “Confirm Pick Up”

Vehicle Drop Off 

  • Greet Customer and carry out the walk around
  • Take pictures if required in instances of the following
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Over mileage (odometer)
  • Gas (Empty tank vs a full tank on pick up)
  • To finish transaction go to rentals on your dashboard and select “End Rental”
  • Follow the prompts and then finish with pressing “Submit”

This will complete the rental transaction and, if necessary, create the appropriate claim ticket for you.