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There is no doubt that we are passionate about what we do.

At HyreCar, we utilize our technology every day to maximize and refine our customer experience. After all, our customers are a cornerstone of our company and a big part of why we continue to innovate. Equally as important as our customers, though, are our internal employees who put in so much time and effort to create and maintain an amazing customer experience and who work hard to allow our company to function efficiently and ethically as well.

We believe our values as a company are represented by our employees, and we are so proud of our diverse and talented HyreCar team.

Last week, our CEO, Joseph Furnari, was ranked as a top CEO for diversity, according to, a compensation, culture, and career monitoring website. This award recognized the leaders of companies who prioritize inclusion, diversity and employee satisfaction and growth. To be ranked among top tech companies such as T-Mobile, HubSpot, Inuit and Microsoft specifically for our work in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is undoubtedly a huge honor for us.

At HyreCar, our management teams are encouraged not only to seek diversity by way of ethnicity, background, and culture but also diversity in thinking and ingenuity too. It is very important to us to hire employees who challenge the norms and who unabashedly cultivate their imaginations to bring new ideas and possibilities to life. We fundamentally understand that the success of our company is directly correlated to the success and encouragement of our employees, and we also know that the best talent can come from a variety of places. The advancements we have made technologically have set us apart from our competition, and this is because we are comprised of an amazing, empowered and talented team.

Of course, being recognized for our technology is what unites and drives all of us here at HyreCar, but being recognized for putting our employees first and for fostering a diverse, enabling and collaborative environment for our employees to grow, innovate and execute is entirely more rewarding.

To that end, all great teams require a great leader who ranks diversity and opportunity for his/her employees as a necessity rather than an option. We are proud of our own fearless leader for this award and for cultivating this company culture that continues to breed greatness every day.