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Caviar might not be the most recognized food delivery app in the US. This title is typically reserved for DoorDash, with Uber Eats and GrubHub completing the podium

Is that a con? Not at all. Indeed, becoming a Caviar driver can prove lucrative, with some Caviar couriers earning as much as $25 per hour plus tips. That doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Of course, the exact earnings will depend on numerous factors, including your location and demand. Still, Caviar is definitely an option to consider when looking for a food delivery gig. That said, let’s dig deeper and discuss Caviar in more detail.

What Is Caviar Delivery?

At first sight, Caviar looks like just another food delivery app. It allows consumers to order food from local restaurants. But there’s a bit more to it. Essentially, Caviar focuses on higher-end restaurants (hence the name).

The app made its debut in 2014. The same year it was acquired by Square, who sold it to DoorDash 5 years later.

Since then, while Caviar and DoorDash have been operating as two separate apps, DoorDash axed Caviar’s driver platform, with all Caviar deliveries performed by DoorDash couriers.

Currently, Caviar is available in 26 major cities across the US, including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, and Seattle.

How to Become a Caviar Driver?

If you think driving for Caviar is for you, the first thing to check is whether it’s available in your area. If it is, you can apply for an open courier job online. However, before you proceed with the application process, you must first ensure you meet all the Caviar driver requirements (which are essentially the same as DoorDash requirements).

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What Are the Caviar Courier Requirements?

Becoming a Caviar driver is very straightforward. However, before you start accepting deliveries, you will first need to meet the following Caviar driver requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Have a working vehicle (it can be a scooter, motorcycle, car, truck, or even a simple bike);
  • Have at least two years of driving experience;
  • Own a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance (when driving a vehicle that requires these);
  • Pass the background check;
  • Have a working smartphone that’s compatible with a DoorDash app – iPhones with iOS 9.0 or newer and Android phones with Android 4.4 or up.

As you can see then, these requirements don’t differ much from those of other food delivery companies. The one requirement that does differentiate Caviar is that you will also need to have your own thermally insulated delivery bag.

As for vehicle requirements, these are pretty simple. Caviar is very flexible regarding how you intend to deliver food, allowing you to deliver with a bicycle, car, scooter, or motorcycle. In some markets, you might even be able to deliver by foot.

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What Is the Application Process?

Do you meet the requirements? Excellent. Now it’s time to get on with the application process, which, as you will find out, is incredibly straightforward, especially if you’ve applied for a delivery driver gig before, for example, with Uber Eats or GrubHub.

Here’s what a standard Caviar sign-up process looks like:

  1. Create an account. The first step is to head to the DoorDash sign-up page (as said, Caviar deliveries are performed by DoorDash drivers). You will be required to enter your ZIP code and provide contact details (email and phone number). Once ready, submit your profile name and password.
  2. Select your vehicle. The next step is selecting your delivery vehicle. As said, you can choose between a car, motorcycle, scooter, or bike. If you select a car or motorcycle, you will need to provide your vehicle details (vehicle insurance, model, plates, color, driving license, etc.).
  3. Submit your background check. Like other food delivery and rideshare services, Caviar/DoorDash will run a background check like other food delivery and rideshare services. Typically, it takes around a week to complete. If you pass it, you can proceed with the next step.
  4. Add your bank account. Once you pass your background check, the last step of the application process is to add your bank account information.
  5. Download the driver app and complete your first delivery. Once you submit all the required information, the only thing left is to download the DoorDash Driver App (Caviar used to have a separate Caviar Courier App), accept the order, and make your first Caviar delivery.

How to Start Delivering for Caviar?

Once you get your courier app and gear ready, it’s time for your first delivery. To do that, you will first need to schedule yourself for delivery shifts. You will then have a priority on picking orders you want to fulfill.

You can also use the ‘Dash Now’ option if you want to take advantage of a busy area and start delivering instantly.

Once you’re ready, you can get on with your deliveries, be it for Caviar or DoorDash customers. In both instances, the delivery process looks the same:

  1. A person picks one of the trusted and exclusive restaurants and creates an order using the Caviar App. Once the order is accepted, you will receive a ping for a delivery request from a restaurant closest to your current position.
  2. Accept the delivery request and head to the restaurant to pick up the order.
  3. When you pick up the order, notify a customer waiting by confirming the pickup in your courier app. Then, head to the delivery address, the fastest route you can use.
  4. Deliver the food while providing excellent customer service. Remember that the sooner you deliver the order and the better service you provide, the higher your chances are for a tip.
  5. Complete the delivery in your app and get ready to perform more Caviar deliveries.

How Much do Caviar Drivers Make?

On average, according to Indeed, a Caviar delivery driver can make $24.79 per hour. However, in reality, how much money you earn per hour will depend on numerous factors, such as the number of completed orders, time, bonuses, etc. That said, expect the hourly pay to fluctuate.

How does it compare to other delivery services? We’ve recently posted a blog piece where we compare how different food delivery apps pay, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested in that. Spoiler alert. Caviar is on the better-paying side.

The reason for that is simple. As covered, Caviar works with more high-end and popular local restaurants. Therefore, average orders are more expensive, which means Caviar drivers can expect higher pay per request and better tips.

The Caviar (DoorDash) Pay Model

To understand how much you can earn when delivering food with Caviar, you should first learn the pay model that Caviar, or should we say DoorDash, applies when calculating its drivers’ payments.

The Caviar Pay Model

Above, you see the pay model introduced by DoorDash. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. Still, let’s explain each part in more detail:

  • Base Pay. Base pay is your guaranteed pay for each order you deliver. This can range between $2 and $10 depending on three factors – time, distance, and desirability. This means that orders that require you to go a greater distance, take longer to perform, and aren’t as popular, will pay you more.
  • Promotions. You can take advantage of special deals and promotions that can increase your earnings. There are currently two incentive chances – Peak Pay and Challenges. Peak Pay means you can earn more money when delivering orders during specific peak hours. Challenges, on the other hand, refer to an incentive program where Dashers can earn extra money for completing a given number of deliveries within a specific time frame.
  • Tips. If you complete your orders fast and provide excellent customer service, you can get a chance for a tip. Caviar users can leave tips via the app during check-out or once the delivery is completed. As a DoorDash/Caviar driver, you keep 100% of the tips you receive from satisfied customers.

How Are Caviar Delivery Drivers Paid?

As a Dasher driving for Caviar, you have three payment methods available to receive your earnings. These are:

  • Weekly Direct Deposit. Through this method, you will be paid weekly for all deliveries you completed the previous week (between Monday and Sunday). The funds will be transferred to you Monday morning and typically take around 2-3 business days to process, meaning you can expect the money in your bank account on Wednesday.
  • Dasher Fast Pay. Using the Fast Pay option, you can get paid instantly when driving for DoorDash. In that case, you can receive your earnings daily rather than weekly. This option, however, is not free and includes a small fee of $1.99 per transaction.
  • DasherDirect. DasherDirect is a DashDoor-exclusive prepaid debit card that offers Dashers a no-fee deposit after each completed delivery.

What Can Impact My Caviar Earnings?

When driving for Caviar, you’ll be working as an independent contractor. This means you will be responsible for all your vehicle-related expenses, such as gas, repairs, maintenance, parking fees, etc. These can significantly impact your Caviar earnings.

You will also be responsible for your taxes. The good thing here is that DoorDash will provide you with a detailed look at how much you earned each month, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a log yourself.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Caviar Delivery Driver

Driving for Caviar offers an excellent opportunity to boost your income. Of course, as covered, you will not be delivering for Caviar exclusively. Since its acquisition by DoorDash, all Caviar deliveries have been performed by DoorDash couriers, meaning that both services share practically the same features, as well as pros and cons.

However, Caviar has several exclusive benefits and downsides, which you should consider when thinking about becoming a Caviar driver.


  • Caviar delivery drivers work as independent contractors, meaning you are your own boss when it comes to scheduling your shifts and accepting delivery requests;
  • Caviar offers more competitive pay compared to several other food delivery services;
  • When delivering for Caviar, you can also accept DoorDash delivery requests to maximize your earnings;
  • Caviar couriers keep 100% of customer tips;
  • DoorDash has special incentive offers for Caviar delivery drivers, such as Peak Pay and Challenges.


  • Caviar is less popular than other similar apps, which often translates to lower demand, or a smaller number of order requests;
  • You are responsible for all your vehicle-related expenses, including gas, repairs, etc.;
  • You need to pay a $1.99 fee for instant pay;
  • No-dedicated Caviar Driver App.

What Separates Caviar from Other Food Delivery Apps?

At first sight, Caviar might look like your average food delivery app. It shares the same features for customers, and the ordering process looks the same. What allows Caviar to stand out are the restaurants the app supports.

Instead of working with popular brands like McDonald’s or Pizza Hut, Caviar supports local restaurants, especially higher-end ones. It’s an app designed for people who enjoy quality dining. Many popular local restaurants even work exclusively with Caviar as their delivery service.

This has its pros and cons for couriers. On the upside, Caviar delivery requests are more expensive and exclusive, automatically boosting the base pay. On the other hand, because these orders are typically less frequent, Caviar couriers may struggle to complete enough orders to get that $25-per-hour average.


Is Caviar legitimate?

Of course, especially now that it’s owned by DoorDash, a delivery app that requires no introduction. However, even when it was owned by Square, Caviar was considered one of the best gig economy apps available for couriers and customers alike.

How much can I make as a Caviar courier?

That will depend on several factors, such as the time and distance of your request, bonuses, and potential tips. On average, a Caviar driver earns around $25 per hour, but that amount fluctuates depending on the number and complexity of deliveries completed.

Where is Caviar available?

Caviar is only available in select cities across the US (full list here). That significantly impacts the order delivery opportunities for Caviar couriers. On the plus side, since its acquisition by DoorDash, Caviar drivers can now also complete DoorDash orders, which can help them maximize their earnings.

How can I become a Caviar driver?

Caviar doesn’t have a dedicated courier service. Since 2019, all Caviar deliveries have been performed by DashDoor drivers (Dashers).

That said, you won’t technically be a Caviar courier but a Dasher, meaning you will have to meet the DoorDash requirements to become one. You will then have to go through the DoorDash application process and pass its background check.

Is Becoming a Caviar Delivery Driver Worth It?

Is becoming a delivery driver for Caviar worth it? That depends on how you look at it.

On the one hand, driving for Caviar, or should we say DoorDash, offers all the benefits gig workers are used to, such as scheduling your own hours and having more independence in general. The pay is also relatively high, with Caviar couriers earning around $25 per hour on average.

On the other hand, since Caviar isn’t as popular as some other delivery apps, the number of delivery requests may not be as high. Caviar is also only available in select areas, so the chances are you won’t even be able to deliver for them.

So, wrapping up, is Caviar worth it? If they are available in your area, Caviar deliveries can significantly boost your DoorDash earnings. Also, since the app focuses on food quality and local restaurants, you might discover some cool places you’d otherwise miss.

So yes, all things considered, Caviar is definitely an excellent addition to the DoorDash courier experience. 

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