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Earlier this month, Uber announced that they would be cutting prices in 48 of their U.S. markets. In the wake of this announcement, drivers have expressed a level of concern about the surety of their hourly earnings. Largely because of the stringent requirements involved with driving for Uber, many drivers find it necessary to rent a car that meets the company’s standards. This investment, coupled with the recent price cut, could threaten the financial viability of driving for Uber.

There does, however, exist an option that many drivers may not have explored.

Uber Black, the company’s premium service, has stricter vehicle requirements but nets drivers higher fares. Since many drivers are already renting cars to comply with Uber’s standard requirements, it stands to reason that renting a Black-approved car could prove a viable way to maintain their current level of income.

And into this fray, HyreCar has emerged!

Acting as a go-between between drivers and Uber, HyreCar offers rental vehicles that are pre-approved for Uber Black and allow drivers to seamlessly transition into the premium service. As they address and alleviate many of the known difficulties of upgrading to Black — vehicle approval, financial hurdles, insurance woes — HyreCar acts as a valuable asset to Uber drivers. Focusing on convenience and ease-of-use, we offer rentals via our phone app and online market place. For drivers, this means that their transition into providing black-car service is not only seamless, it is swift and painless.

Following the upgrade to Uber Black, drivers can expect an almost immediate boost in their earnings. And, while the cost of renting a Black-approved car may be higher, the returns on that investment can help to compensate drivers for the loss in earnings that resulted from Uber’s price cut.

As with any business: you get out what you put in. Drivers already investing in a rental car that meets Uber’s standard requirements could, no doubt, benefit from investigating the company’s premium service. As the only company that can offer pre-approved, Black-certified cars, HyreCar is in a unique position to provide Uber drivers with a means to preserve their financial position and maintain their current wages. The possibility of a marked gain from a minor