Electric Vehicles

We've recently teamed up with Spring Free EV!

As the future moves towards electric, so should your fleet.

About Spring Free EV and Electric Vehicles

HyreCar and Spring Free EV are helping pave the future of clean mobility by providing electric vehicles to all HyreCar owners. EVs are transforming the way we think about transportation. From powerful electric engines that turn vehicles into green-energy machines, to eco-friendly GPS devices that analyze travel patterns, we're making it easy for owners to build up their EV fleet. Build your EV fleet without worrying about leases or long term loans, no personal credit guarantees, and low monthly rates.

*Only verified HyreCar owners receive this special discounted price

Tax Incentives

Clean Energy

Less Maintenance

Some local and federal governments are offering tax incentives.

100% emission free, generate no toxic fumes, and they cost less to run.

EVs require less maintenance, meaning less time and money spent on your vehicle.

At Home Charging

More Rentals

Low Cost Alternative

You'll be able to charge your vehicles at your parking site, or easily in the comfort of your home.

Rideshare and delivery drivers tend to rent EVs more due to the cost saving benefits, increasing utilization for you.

Acquiring an EV from Spring Free EV is inexpensive and easy. Prices start at $175/week.

Helping Power Your Entrepreneurial

Ambition With A New, Electric Fleet

Choose from a couple of options

Chevy Bolt

Nissan Leaf

Latest model year 2023 starts at $760 a month (includes 2,000 miles/month) 250+ mile range

Starts at $760 a month (includes 2,000 miles/month) 200+ mile range