Dealer Mobility Solutions

HyreCar has created a digital marketplace for Auto Dealers to provide vehicles to drivers in the rideshare and Transportation as a Service (TaaS) industry. 

Earn incremental revenue, provide a path to purchase, and generate new business with this innovative solution to idle inventory.

Dealers have what rideshare drivers need


Dealers have the infrastructure in the areas needed to serve rideshare drivers.

50,000+ rideshare drivers sign up every month. 40% of those DO NOT have a qualifying vehicle. 


Rideshare drivers want to utilize and buy vehicles from dealerships that can service them best.


Odometers used to be the measure of a vehicle's value. Now it's revenue.

Path to Ownership

HyreCar provides a catered Path to Purchase program for rideshare drivers by connecting them with HyreCar partner dealers. Rideshare drivers are looking to buy your vehicles.

Make depreciation work for you and get miles on your program vehicles to qualify for resale.

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How you benefit

Profit from carsharing and ridesharing industry

Earn revenue from current used car inventory

Offset used car depreciation

Get more vehicles in your parts and service department

Earn income with OEM vehicle loaner programs

Create your own used car

Reduce wholesale losses due to aged inventory

Brian Allan

Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Former General Manager of 

Galpin Motors

Revenue is the new odometer


5 Vehicles Listed


15 Vehicles Listed


50 Vehicles Listed

Sell more vehicles with HyreCar! You'll get access to the "Path to Ownership" program, which helps you sell more vehicles to rideshare drivers.

Earn more revenue with what you already have. Click below to sign up and see how!

What we offer

1. Help with Listing your cars

2. A Marketplace and Reservation System 

3. Secure payment processing

4. Insurance coverage

5. An entire Sales and Marketing Team

6. Most importantly, we connect you 

with the right customers for:

  • New
  • Used
  • Finance
  • Service & Parts department

Are under-utilized loaners costing you money? We can fix that.

How it works

1. Upload

Upload your vehicles to

2. Connect

We'll connect you with drivers interested in cars from your dealership.

3. Rent

Rent your car to drivers daily, weekly, or monthly. Your assets will always be covered by insurance and our customer support. 

Remember, miles mean money!

4. Grow

Pull from your rental prospects to sell more vehicles.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up 

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How it works

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