Discover how HyreCar for Business can help you scale your fleet.

HyreCar for Business offers a suite of additional features for fleet operators, car dealers, and rental car agencies.

These features are designed to 

accelerate growth and provide a tailored customer service experience for commercial partners.

Why HyreCar For Business?

Customized Marketing

Priority Support 

Assigned Claims Specialist

Partners receive supplemental marketing for their fleet. Our goal is to grow your brand within our marketplace through targeted campaigns to HyreCar drivers

Business Partners get priority when contacting our team for day to day support. A Key Account Manager is also assigned to assist with your operations.

Accidents can happen! Partners are assigned a claim adjuster to streamline the claims process and be a continual point of contact. This includes reoccurring meetings, if required.

Marketplace Recognition

Exclusive Promotions


HyreCar for Business owners have the added opportunity to stand out in the marketplace for our driver community. Read more on the Pro Owner Program below to see how you can get started.

Business Partners can qualify for special promotions that drive growth. This can include up to 10 GPS devices upon initially signing up and onboarding the platform. 

Partners will gain access to HyreCar's upgraded fleet management dashboard. This includes the capability to add multiple locations and manage employee permission levels.

Hear From Our Subscribers

John B. | Independent Dealer

HyreCar for Business helps bring so much additional exposure to my cars on the platform. Drivers are constantly looking to rent with me which has really scaled my business.

Kazi M. | Car Rental Operator

We've been able to grow Kair Rentals from 1 to 6 locations by creating new rooftops on the HyreCar platform. The additional marketing and ongoing account management has been fundamental to our growth. 

Scalable Earning Potential


15 Vehicles Listed


50 Vehicles Listed


100 Vehicles Listed

Enjoy the additional revenue stream that the HyreCar platform can provide and how HyreCar can help compliment your existing business model whether you're a growing operation, a fleet business, or a car dealership.

Show your stripes by becoming a

 HyreCar Pro Owner

The HyreCar Pro Owner Program gives HyreCar for Business Owners the opportunity to earn rewards and showcase their professionalism in the marketplace. Pro Owners are seasoned fleet owners who earn special benefits for providing HyreCar’s driver community with a first class rental experience.

       Enjoy the Spotlight

You’ll gain special attention and more credibility in the marketplace by proudly displaying your “Pro Owner” badge on all your listings.

       Make a Name for Yourself

HyreCar helps drivers book rentals every day. When you’re a Pro Owner, your vehicles are more likely to be included in our suggestions.

       Trust and Safety

HyreCar drivers feel confident when booking with a Pro Owner. They can trust that your expertise will provide them with an exceptional rental experience.

       Marketplace Filter (Coming soon!)

A new way to browse! Drivers will soon be able to search for your reliable cars in the marketplace by using the “Pro Owner” search filter.

How To Become A Pro Owner

All HyreCar for Business Owners have an opportunity to gain the Pro Owner status. Once a quarter, we’ll review each subscriber’s performance to determine if the following criteria is met. If you qualify, you’ll earn the Pro Owner status until the following quarter.

15 Total Active Vehicles

Pro Owners are experienced fleet owners who have 15 or more active vehicles in the marketplace. Drivers know they are renting from an owner who runs a successful fleet operation.

Standardized Check-in/Check-out Process

Pro Owners make things easy by offering standard operating hours along with a singular address for check-in and check-out. Drivers understand when they can show up, and know when they will be able to reach you.

90% Vehicle Availability Rate

Pro Owners have a history of responding to and approving rental requests. This means they transact on 90% of their available supply. Drivers can book a car with peace of mind knowing that their request will likely be approved.

50+ Completed Rentals in the Last Year

Pro Owners are active, experienced fleet managers. Drivers can feel confident that you know the HyreCar rental process inside and out.

Low Cancellation Rate

We understand, cancellations happen! But they happen less often with Pro Owners. Drivers know that when they book with you, the vehicle will be ready to go.

Get Started With HyreCar for Business


Once you've made the great decision to list your fleet on HyreCar we will connect you with drivers that are interested in renting cars from your business. 


Rent your cars to drivers daily, weekly, or monthly. Your assets will always be covered by insurance and our customer support. Remember, miles mean money!


Take your idle fleet to six figures every month without having to find more buyers, spend more on marketing dollars, or suffering huge losses at wholesale. 


Once you've made the great decision to list your fleet on HyreCar we will connect you with drivers that are interested in renting cars from your business. 

Schedule a call with a senior member of our Account Management Team. We're ready to answer any questions you may have!


Once you're ready, we'll help you with the logistics. From uploading cars to setting competitive prices- we've got you covered.


Get Started With HyreCar for Business


As your fleet develops, HyreCar will help guide you in the right direction. Our team will be here to facilitate growth through weekly check ins, performance reviews, and suggestions for success!