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It’s no secret that companies like Uber and Lyft have had their fair share of trouble with customer service, but it’s also no surprise. When Uber burst into the scene in 2011, it was the first idea of its kind, and was bound to have some kinks to work out in the brand new world of ride sharing services.

Many have, and continue to be, critical of canned responses to their concerns or complaints when they contact Uber. Thankfully, Uber, and its major competitor, Lyft, continue to up their game in the customer service department. While they may not have yet perfected the system, improvements are being made, with quicker response time and better service.

However, finding out how to contact Uber and Lyft customer service can still be very challenging.

If you’ve struggled to get in touch with Uber or contact Lyft in your moment of need, we’ve got some tips for you that will hopefully make that struggle a distant memory. Here are 15 ways to make sure you know what to do when you are in need of help from Uber or Lyft.

Safety First: Contacting Uber and Lyft in an Emergency

Safety First: Contacting Uber and Lyft in an Emergency

The most important thing to know when it comes to contacting Uber support is what to do if you feel you or your passenger are in danger.

Dial 911

Uber’s head of security, Joe Sullivan, recently said “In the United States, 911 is the panic button and it’s the panic button that we want people to use. It’s the panic button that law enforcement wants people to use. And we don’t want to try and replace that.”

If you ever feel that you are in danger from your passenger, or that you and your passengers are in danger from some other threat, your first move should always be to call 911. This is true for both Uber and Lyft. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep a first aid kit in your car. But what next?

Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line

This number was originally kept quiet, although no one is quite sure why. Whatever the case, it is meant to be a sort of non-emergency emergency line. It is the Uber car service phone number.


Say a passenger left behind their charger and is trying to track it down (better to keep your own charger handy!). Or a driver finds a lost item that they want to return to their passenger. These are both non-emergencies. However, they do require rather swift attention. That’s where the safety response line comes in.

Need to use this line to contact Uber? Call 1-800-353-UBER.

Lyft’s Critical Response Line

If you need to contact Lyft, they have a similar line, 1-855-865-9553.

Lyft stipulates that this line is for “accidents, safety concerns, and citations.” They, too, insist that 911 is the first number to dial in case of serious emergency.

How to Use the Uber Help Portal

You probably want to know how to contact Uber support. When looking for customer service, the first place to check is the Uber Help Portal. This is the official help site for Uber’s passengers and partners. When you visit this site, you’ll be asked to select “partner” or “rider,” and then given a list of options based on which you are.

For the most part, this portal is a knowledgeable tool that can be used for frequently asked questions. It is not the place to contact Uber. For riders, this includes information such as whether or not you can bring your service animal, or how to use Uber for business travel. It is not the place to find out how to contact Uber by phone.

For partners, this is the place to go with questions about payment or for tips about how to be successful as a driver.

How to Use the Lyft Help Center

This is Lyft’s version of the Help Portal from Uber, although it’s presented a little differently. Here there is a list of frequently asked questions, followed by the following categories of information:

  • Using Lift
  • Driving With Lift
  • Become a Driver
  • Promotions & Rewards
  • Policies & Other Info
  • Airport Info

Again, as with Uber, this is a great place to go with your basic questions regarding being a Lyft driver or passenger. Unlike Uber, Lyft has a big bright button at the bottom of the help page that says “Contact Support” so you can contact Lyft directly.

What if your questions aren’t answered on either of these sites, though? Here are some other places you may find help.

Getting Help via the Uber App

Getting Help via the Uber App

“How can I call Uber customer service?” you may be wondering. This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you are familiar with Uber’s app and know all that it has to offer before going somewhere else for information. It’s designed to answer many of your questions.

As of March 2016, the Uber app has In-App Support, a much needed feature that may surprise you with its usefulness. Any issues you may have with your account or fare, or any unanswered questions after using the Help Portal, will probably be answered here. Give it a try!

Rideshare Support Messaging Systems and Email

If you’re looking for contact at Uber or Lyft with an actual human, email used to be the best way to get information specific to your questions, but neither Uber nor Lyft make it easy to find an email address.

How to Contact Support at Uber

When contacting Uber, go to help.uber.com. This is the Help Portal, but you are able to submit specific questions in the search field, and you might be surprised by how many answers you can find this way.

If you are a driver with specific questions that cannot be answered using the search field you can go here, and submit a request to contact Uber.

Try to be as specific as possible, and include any pertinent information, such as your contact info or your ride number.

How to complain to Uber: Uber also offers an email address to riders who wish to file a complaint. It is customercomplaints@uber.com.

How to Contact Support at Lyft

Lyft’s messaging system is similar, but is, in my opinion, a little easier to access and use.

You can get to the support page directly from the main page of their website. If you have a question you’d like answered via email, to contact Lyft simply click this button:

Once you’ve done so, you’ll be asked to provide your email address and phone number, the subject of your concern, whether you are a driver or rider, and some basic information about your question. Try to be very clear, but concise. Don’t write a novel, because no one will read it and you’ll receive a canned response.

If you are unhappy with the response you do receive, you can simply start over, and will end up in contact with a different person. You can also reply to the unsatisfactory email and ask for more clarity, and will probably receive more information.

Contacting Uber or Lyft via Phone – What is the Uber Support Number?

How do I contact Uber by phone? Of course, if you have been a rider for any amount of time, you know that there is virtually no way to contact Uber or Lyft via phone. However, the good news for drivers is that Uber is now offering 24/7 hour phone support to all drivers and delivery partners as of December 2017.

Maybe phone support for riders is on its way?

Getting Help Through Local Partner Websites

Many cities have local partner websites, which can be especially helpful if the information you’re looking for pertains to the city in which you are driving or riding. The most popular of these is probably Ubermovement, with information for hundreds of cities all over the world.

The best way to find these websites is to simply google “local Uber partner site.” You might try including your city, as well, to make sure you are finding sites which serve your area.

Reaching Uber via Local Offices

If you’ve been unable to get help using the app, online resources, email, or phone, you may be able to visit a local office for assistance.

  • Lyft. As of right now, Lyft does not have any local offices. There are efforts to change this, so keep checking back in on this.
  • Uber. Many larger cities have Uber offices, including New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. If you live in a larger city, it’s worth checking to see if there is a local office available to you. Talking face-to-face with another person is always preferable!
  • Know Local Office Hours. If you are lucky enough to be in one of those cities with an Uber office location, make sure you’re aware of their office hours. Again, this spreadsheet can be very helpful in finding this information.

What is the Uber Headquarters Address?

The Uber Headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. However, you’d be best off contacting your local office using the information above.

Getting Rideshare Help on Social Media

As with almost anything these days, social media can be a wealth of information. It can also be a helpful tool for getting the answers you want quickly, and here’s why: when you fuss enough about a company on Facebook or Twitter, they’re sure to want to turn your criticism into praise, and will do what they need to in order to make that happen.

That being said, the best way to go about doing this is to do the following:

Contacting Lyft on Social Media

Lyft’s Facebook page is actually a very helpful tool, and those monitoring it respond pretty promptly to questions or concerns. It’s best to send a private message, although it seems that commenting on the wall gets swift attention.

If you prefer to use Twitter, Lyft’s handle is @AskLyft. Someone monitors this account from 5:00AM to 9:00PM. If you receive a generic response to a question on Twitter, you can either DM Lyft or reply that your question wasn’t answered. Again, if you keep pushing, they’ll want to solve your problems to keep their image up in front of the watching world.

Contacting Uber on Social Media

Uber’s Facebook page is similar to Lyft’s. According to The Rideshare Guy’s blog, Uber does offer private messaging support, like Lyft. However, it seems that they typically try to steer people back toward their Help Portal, rather than ask them to send a private message. So, you may not find as much help here as you’d hope.

Uber’s Twitter account, @Uber_Support, is more helpful than their Facebook page, and works similarly to the Lyft account. There are also individual city accounts for Uber, which might make finding help specific to your area little bit easier. Plus, Uber now offers 24/7 support, unlike Lyft.

So, there you go! Assuming you’ve been doing everything else correctly, next time you’re in need of assistance, hopefully one of these resources will work for you when you need to contact Uber or Lyft.