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So, you are considering being an Amazon Fresh delivery driver?

The gig economy is growing by leaps and bounds, and Amazon is one of the leading companies in this space. It stands to reason that becoming an Amazon Fresh delivery driver would be a great way to earn some extra money.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the job, including what it’s like to work for Amazon Fresh, the pay and benefits, and how to apply. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the job.

So if you’re thinking about making a career change, supplementing your income, or just looking for a flexible job that can work around your schedule, read on.

Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

What Is Amazon Fresh Delivery?

For those who aren’t familiar, Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service that allows Prime members to have fresh groceries delivered right to their doorsteps in select areas across the United States. Customers can order groceries online or through the Amazon app and have them delivered within a few hours.

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Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

How Does it Work?

Amazon Fresh Delivery drivers are responsible for picking up orders from local Amazon Fresh warehouses and delivering them to customers’ homes. Drivers can work part-time or full-time, using their own vehicles to make deliveries.

When an order is placed, a driver is assigned to the delivery and given a list of items to pick up from the warehouse. Drivers then use a GPS system to navigate to the customer’s home and deliver the groceries.

Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

How to become an Amazon Fresh Driver

There’s a bit of confusion about becoming an Amazon Fresh Driver because Amazon Fresh is just one of the services offered through Amazon Flex.

So essentially, you become an Amazon Flex delivery driver, and then you can opt-in to make Amazon Fresh deliveries when they are available in your area.

As the name suggests, becoming an Amazon Flex driver gives you the flexibility to also deliver other Amazon packages. The good news is that the application process is the same, whether you just want to deliver Amazon Fresh orders or you want to do a mix of everything.

Sign Up Via the Amazon Flex App

Head over to the Amazon Flex website and find out if they are hiring in your area. You can always join the waiting list if there are no positions currently open.

Signing up to become an Amazon Flex driver is easy and can be done via the Amazon Flex app. First, download the Amazon Flex app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once the app is installed, open it and sign in with your Amazon account information. Next, Amazon will ask you to enter some basic information about yourself and your vehicle.

Amazon Fresh Driver Requirements

First of all, you’ll need to reside in a city where Amazon Flex operates. Currently, Amazon Flex is available in fifty US cities.

To become a Flex driver:

  • You must be 21 years old or over
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Be prepared to undertake a background check
  • Have a social security number

Amazon Fresh drivers will also need an Android device or iPhone to use the Amazon Flex driver app. For the Amazon Flex app to work, you’ll need iOS 11 or later or at least an Android 6.0. Your smartphone must have GPS and a flash camera.

Amazon Fresh Vehicle Requirements

Amazon Fresh Drives will require the use of a four-door mid-sized sedan or a bigger vehicle, for example, a truck with a covered bed, SUV, or van. Smaller cars and trucks with open beds are unsuitable. Motorcycles, motorized bicycles, and motorized scooters are also ineligible.


  • Have a valid auto insurance policy with your name on it.
  • Have a valid license plate.

You don’t need to own a car to drive for Amazon; you can rent one through Hyrecar for grocery delivery or other gig economy driving jobs.

Other Considerations

What we’ve discussed above is what Amazon requires you to have before becoming a driver. However, there are a few other things you should think about before making the decision to drive for Amazon Flex.

Driving skills – Amazon Fresh delivery drivers need to have excellent driving skills. This gig is not for everyone, as you’ll be dealing with tight schedules, traffic, and, in some cases, bad weather.

People skills – You’ll also need to be a people person to succeed as an Amazon Flex driver.

Remember, you’re the face of Amazon, and your customer interactions will reflect on the company.

Physical fitness – Amazon Flex drivers need to be physically fit as the job requires a lot of walking and lifting heavy boxes.

Time management – One of the most essential skills an Amazon Flex driver needs is good time management. Drivers need to be able to plan their routes efficiently and make deliveries on time.

Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

How Much do Amazon Fresh Drivers Make?

Amazon Fresh drivers typically make somewhere between $18 to $25 per hour. Of course, pay will vary depending on several factors, including the driver’s experience level, what tips they get, and the city in which they’re driving.

On the whole, Amazon Fresh drivers earn a good wage when compared to some other driving gigs.

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Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

How to Make Amazon Fresh Deliveries and Get Paid

Once you’ve received your acceptance, it’s time to get on the road and start making some cash!

Schedule Your Delivery Blocks

The first step is to log into the Amazon Flex app and schedule your delivery blocks. The driver app will show you the available blocks, and you can select the ones that work best for you. Amazon Fresh driver blocks are usually 2-4 hours long, and you can do multiple blocks in a day if you’d like.

The app will show you how much you can expect to earn and an estimated time of how long it should take you to complete your block.

You’ll get a confirmation message for the blocks you have claimed, and you’ll see your confirmed blocks in your calendar as orange dots.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before heading out on your first delivery, take a few minutes to prepare your vehicle. Amazon Flex drivers use their own cars, so you’ll need to ensure that yours is up to the task.

Before heading out on your route, do a quick check of your vehicle. Make sure you have enough gas, the tires are properly inflated, and everything is in good working order.

You’ll want to ensure that your vehicle is comfortable to drive and has enough space to hold all of your Amazon Fresh items.

If your car is filled up with junk and doesn’t have a lot of space, you may want to consider getting rid of some things before starting your deliveries.

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Arrive at Your Pick-up Location (Early)

Once you’ve scheduled your delivery block, make sure to arrive at the pick-up location early. This will give you time to check in with the Amazon Flex representative and grab your Fresh items. They’ll usually be waiting for you in a designated area, such as a loading dock.

Making the Delivery

When you arrive at the customer’s address, it’s time to make the delivery. The Flex app will give you specific instructions on if the Fresh order is a doorstep or unattended delivery.

For doorstep deliveries, just ring the doorbell and wait for the customer to answer.

For unattended deliveries, you’ll need to find a safe place to leave the order. The app will give you specific instructions on where to leave the order depending on the customer’s preference. Once you’ve found a safe spot, just mark the order as delivered in the app.

Getting Paid

After you finish making all your deliveries, it’s time to get paid! Amazon Flex pays its drivers twice a week via direct deposit (Tuesday and Friday) straight to your bank account. You can also track your earnings in the app. Remember, you’ll also receive tips from customers.

Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

Benefits of Being an Amazon Fresh Delivery Driver

You’ll get regular tips – While drivers who deliver Amazon prime packages might receive tips from time to time, it’s not considered the norm. However, grocery delivery drivers can expect customer tips in most cases.

Be your own boss – As with other gig economy driving jobs, you get to set your own hours and deliver orders at a time that suits you. Pun intended, you’ll be in the driving seat when it comes to your work schedule.

Can work around your 9-5 job – As most customers are working during the day, you’ll have the opportunity to work your Amazon Fresh delivery job around your normal 9-5 as most orders tend to take place before and after working hours.

A chance to get active – Unlike many desk jobs, being an Amazon delivery driver will require you to get up and out of the house, which can be great for those who want to incorporate some exercise into their daily routine and meet some fresh faces.

It will look good on your CV – OK, you are not Jeff Bezos’s right-hand man (or woman), but having Amazon on your CV will look great to future employers and can be a foot in the door to other roles within the company.

Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

Tips for Success

Once you’ve signed up and been approved to drive for Amazon Fresh, there are a few things you can do to ensure your success as a driver.

Applying to Become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

Your road to success starts with your application form. Take your time over this and provide truthful and detailed information.

For instance, don’t embellish your experience; if you’ve worked as a delivery driver previously for a few months, don’t lie and say it was a few years.

Also, make sure that you complete all sections of the application form, including the interests section. The more professional and detailed your application is, the more chance you’ll have of securing the job.

Look after Your Two Biggest Assets

Yes, that’s right, your two biggest assets as a delivery driver are your vehicle and yourself. If either of these lets you down, then it’s going to have a knock-on effect on your earnings and job satisfaction.

So, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition and regularly serviced. You don’t want to be breaking down at the side of the road or struggling to make deliveries because your car can’t handle them.

And as for yourself, well, you need to take care of your health. This means getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and regularly exercising. If you’re not in good physical shape, you won’t be able to do your job properly.

Deliver on the Holidays

When are families stocking up on food and full of good cheer (potentially resulting in bigger tips)?

You’ve guessed it: the holidays. Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are when people buy more and are more likely to use Amazon Fresh. So, if you can deliver on these days, you can get more work, and you’ll be raking in the tips.


Amazon Fresh, Delivery, Gig Job

Final Thoughts

Becoming an Amazon Fresh delivery driver via Amazon Flex is one of the better-paying opportunities out there for those looking to break into the gig economy.

It’s a popular role, so applying for a position and getting on the waiting list as soon as possible is crucial if you want to be one of the first in line for when a role opens up.

Hopefully, the information we’ve provided will give you a head start in your application and set you on the road to becoming a successful grocery delivery driver. Good luck!


Should you tip Amazon Fresh drivers?

Many Amazon Fresh users ask the question if they should tip their Amazon Fresh Driver. While Amazon Flex drivers who deliver packages don’t expect customer tips, it is customary to tip fresh food delivery drivers.

How long does it take to get hired as an Amazon Fresh delivery driver?

This can depend on the area you are applying to and the waiting list length. It could be anywhere from weeks to months before you are offered a delivery partner contract. The background check will only take a week or so.

Ensure you regularly check your email and the Amazon Flex app for updates on your application status. Remember, you can always sign-up for other driving jobs while waiting, such as Uber or Doordash.

Are Amazon Fresh delivery drivers employees?

Amazon Flex drivers are classed as independent contractors, not employees. This means that they are not eligible for employee benefits such as health insurance or paid time off.

Still, drivers do have some protections under the law, such as minimum wage requirements and workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job.

Do Amazon Fresh delivery drivers have to pack the groceries?

No, the Amazon Fresh warehouse staff will do the packing for you. All you have to do is load up your own vehicle and head out to make your deliveries.

Can I become an Amazon Fresh driver without a high school diploma?

As with most rideshare driver and delivery jobs, you don’t need any qualifications to start delivering groceries. Amazon emphasizes your vehicle and clean driving record above all else.