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Earn cash for each new driver that rents with HyreCar 

Program Details

We are paying affiliate partners $100 for every new driver rental and $25 for every background check submitted in the following locations:

Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, and Baltimore.

Affiliate partners will still receive $20 for every new driver rental and $10 for every background check submitted in all other locations in the United States.

We're also offering a Tiered Bonus Campaign for a chance to earn an additional $600 every month!

Bonus campaign:

  • Tier 1: Deliver 10 new rentals = $100 one-time bonus
  • Tier 2: Deliver 25 new rentals = $275 one-time bonus
  • Tier 3: Deliver 50 new rentals = $600 one-time bonus

Resources For Success

How HyreCar Works

Check out an overview of how our carsharing platform for rideshare or gig economy drivers works. 

Guide to Renting with HyreCar

Step-by-step guide for how to rent a car to drive for any rideshare or delivery service (Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, Amazon Flex, etc.).

Benefits of Renting an EV

See why more and more drivers are choosing to rent electric vehicles from our marketplace.

New Driver Incentive

New Drivers are eligible to receive 10% off their first rental with code HYRE10. 

Why Do Drivers Love HyreCar?

Flexible & Affordable

Drivers decide how long they want to rent - there are no long term contracts or sign up fees. Drivers can get started with a 2-day rental for only $100.


All financial transactions and private information are highly secured and protected through our system using Stripe.


We provide unique rideshare insurance with every rental. Our reliable coverage enables drivers to earn money with confidence.


Drivers can sort by the highest rated cars and owners in their area. When the rental is over, they can review their experience to help improve the car sharing community.

How it works


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